Does AVFM have a pro-male bias? Dogs trump sons

Does AVFM have a pro-male bias? Today an article at A Voice for Men caught my attention.

“Men are selfish, uncaring idiots”

Last month, a study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) declared all men to be idiots. More recently, a new study claims that men have no empathy toward others except for themselves. You can almost set your clock to the steady stream of literature aimed to cast all men as uncaring, inferior beasts of nature….

Generally, what follows in that article is a good commentary that should be of interest to dog owners concerned about the welfare of their dogs, in relation to whether men are capable of feeling compassion for dogs.  I am not kidding.

That thought made me do a search using “site:“, which, in combination with single search-terms, will answer such questions for that specific website. Here are the results I found for:

men — 7,130; father — 3,380
women — 5,560; mother — 2,540
child — 5,330; son — 1,750; daughter –2,130

Ok, those numbers indicate a strong preference for men, with slightly more emphasis on women than on fathers, slightly more emphasis on fathers than on mothers, and with considerably more emphasis on daughters than on sons, which latter rank, according to AVFM, at the bottom of the list of individuals involved in the process of human procreation. In other words, at AVFM, sons are far less important than fathers and fathers less than half as important as men.

Perhaps the problem is not so much with AVFM as it is with any men, fathers or sons who hope to find practical advice for family issues at AVFM.

However, AVFM does have some tips on that men can feel compassion for dogs. The word dog is mentioned 2,120 times at AVFM, considerably more often than the word son.

Comparable survey results for concerns by people who search the Internet, using Google, for the terms: men, father, woman, mother, child are shown at this link.

For the terms child son, daughter and dog, comparable survey results for concerns by people who search the Internet, using Google, child, son, daughter, and dog, comparable survey results.

Well, it is interesting to see that for the public at large, sons and daughters are substantially more important than are dogs. Too bad that AVFM does not agree with that. How odd, for AVFM it is “Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry”, with a pronounced preference for dogs over sons. What do you make of that?

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