Debunking feminism and all its claims

Debunking feminism and all its claims is perhaps what the title of the books by Jan Deichmohle should have been translated to.  Literal translations tend to become awkward.

Jan Deichmohle wrote, about Debunking feminism and all its claims:

Hi Walter, these are short English and German descriptions of the book for your blog:
Refutation of Feminism and All Feminist Assumptions
Since the 1980s Jan Deichmohle has been writing books to refute feminism. The topic was rejected by all mainstream publishers, often-enough bashed and ridiculed. Now his basic findings have been published: “Culture & Sex. Feminism: Big Mistake – Severe Consequences” as the first book of a series “The Two Sexes”.
The book is available now in German language. It needs support and readers, so that it won’t be pushed off the table again. It needs interest, so that it will be translated to English and made available in English. Link
Widerlegung des Feminismus und aller feministischer Annahmen
Seit den 1980ern schrieb Jan Deichmohle Bücher, den Feminismus zu widerlegen. Das Thema wurde von allen seriösen Verlagen abgelehnt, oft genug verspottet oder beschimpft. Jetzt sind wesentliche Ergebnisse veröffentlicht worden: “Kultur und Geschlecht. Feminismus: großer Irrtum – schwere Folgen.” als erstes Buch einer Reihe “Die beiden Geschlechter”.
Das Buch ist jetzt auf Deutsch erhältlich. Es benötigt Unterstützung und Leser, damit es nicht wieder vom Tisch gefegt wird. Es braucht Beachtung, damit es ins Englische übersetzt und in englischer Fassung verfügbar wird. Link

Translated text from the listing at

Culture and Gender: Feminism: Big mistake – serious consequences
Paperback – Dec. 1, 2014, by Jan Deichmohle
“[It] can be shown that women were never suppressed but, to the contrary, were dominant in key areas and shaped the traditional forms [of gender discrimination] or created them by selection, namely that women were to be treated preferentially and men more burdened with duties … Feminism exacerbated the imbalance.”
The target of the author, Jan Deichmohle, is to exercise factually and scientifically well-founded criticism of feminism.


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