Slavery is a racial issue?

Slavery is a racial issue?

It is a bit hard to figure out why some of today’s Blacks in the U.S. feel they are entitled to special privileges and entitlements, including that non-Blacks atone for that a few non-Blacks were slave owners.  Here is a good example, a Black woman with an attitude that is expressed with a whole slew of logical fallacies, of which most prominent are ad-hominems and arguments from ignorance (e. g.: she has a grandmother who is 104 and was a slave):

Watch this lady demand free drinks because her ancestors were slaves…wow

For those who would argue that America does not have an entitlement problem: Lo and behold…. link to YouTube video.

It is a bit of an insult to all of the women who truly are ladies to call this woman a lady.  Nevertheless, it is a bit hard to figure out the reasoning that drives the complaints by the woman and by anyone like her.  Even if her grandmother was once a slave, which is hardly possible, given that the Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865, why would that entitle the woman to be exempt from having to pay for a drink of water in a convenience store, while all other customers have to pay for it?

Why would having had ancestors who were slaves give any Black in the U.S. any special privileges and the right to demand that Whites atone?  Is it not enough that more than 600,000 American men died fighting for the freedom of Black slaves, at about the same time that Slavery was being abolished in many other parts of the world?

Aside from that, most free men and women that had come to the U.S. either came out of slavery themselves or had ancestors who also had been slaves.  Slavery was wide-spread in Europe and in many parts in the world.  Why is it that only Black slaves or the ancestors of Blacks who were slaves are mentioned, but never that slavery had been endemic throughout the world for many generations, going back for centuries and even millennia, going back to as far as and even before the days of the ancient Roman Empire?

Punishment with a knout. Blacks are not the only ones who can claim to have ancestors that were slaves.

Punishment with a knout.
Blacks are not the only ones who can claim to have ancestors that were slaves.

Slavery as part of the human condition for everyone, not just for Blacks, needs to be examined objectively.  More: Serfdom

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