Burning the environment to save it

What a weird and wondrous story about saving the environment a detailed investigation of the conversion of the Drax power station to bio-mass fueling (mostly wood chips) would make.  Who is behind that one and who profits the most, the owners, the accountants, the politicians or perhaps the media?

Even Wikipedia must be considered to be part of the media. It cannot be trusted to tell the truth on environmental issues.  It does not even mention that Drax is now being partially powered by wood chips imported from places such as the US and produced by mining vast tracts of land for trees (although Wikipedia’s main article on the Drax power station covers that). Even if the fears that man-made CO2 plays a controlling part in the alleged but undetectable man-made global warming were correct, how does anyone in their right mind rationalize that that particular scheme will reduce global warming, save any money, and reduce CO2 emissions or even environmental pollution?

The net effect will of course be nothing other than that coal mining in Britain will be replaced with clear-cutting in the US, Europe and Africa; that local jobs will be lost; taxes, energy cost and pollution will increase, and that more people in Britain will shiver in winter on account of not being able to afford to heat their homes.

Drax Power Station
The former Central Electricity Generating Board commissioned Drax power station in two phases in 1974 and 1986. It is the largest power station in the United Kingdom, producing around 8% of Britain’s electricity, and is the second-largest coal-fired plant in Europe. It has a potential consumption of 36,000 tonnes of coal a day and produces 1.5 million tonnes of ash a year. It is both the United Kingdom’s largest producer of carbon emissions, and one of the UK’s most carbon dioxide-efficient power stations.

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“Depending on Government subsidies, Drax eventually plans to convert the coal-fired plant into one mainly fired by biomass….” http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/business/business-news/shepherd-group-awarded-biomass-contract-at-drax-1-4351397

The total costs for the scheme are creeping ever closer to £1 billion. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2180344/Draxs-700m-reap-benefits-green-energy.html

It’s a scam driven by green insanity.  However, the powers have a long way to go before they run out of red herrings with which to divert people’s attention from what really matters.

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