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Burning the environment to save it

What a weird and wondrous story about saving the environment a detailed investigation of the conversion of the Drax power station to bio-mass fueling (mostly wood chips) would make.  Who is behind that one and who profits the most, the owners, the accountants, the politicians or perhaps the media? Even Wikipedia must be considered to be part of the media. It cannot be trusted to tell the truth on environmental issues.  It does not even mention that Drax is now being partially powered by wood chips imported from places such as the US and produced by mining vast tracts of land for trees (although Wikipedia’s main article on the Drax … Continue reading

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Global-warming alarmism – is it dead yet?

Updated 2019 04 19, to add links to related articles. Are we seeing the death of global-warming alarmism?  The IPPC’s newest Climate assessment report (AR5) is due to be released this month.  Searching the Internet for that will produce some articles even in the main-stream media. It is obvious that the IPPC has not been able to find evidence of continuing global warming trends.  The warming trend that the IPPC and its camp followers have been tauting for all these years came to a halt close to 17 years ago and appears unlikely to resume any time soon, while the alleged culprit, atmospheric CO2, has been steadily on the rise.  … Continue reading

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