Independence at what price and for whose benefit ?

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Independence at what price and for whose benefit?  Can a nation that has members of its male population sector kill itself in such large numbers be considered to be truly independent?

Some years ago I put together the following summary of U.S. suicide statistics, in the hope that it would be an incentive for someone else to continue with the effort, to carry it on to today and beyond, but that has not happened as of now. It may not be necessary, although we have become inured to the endemic losses of men’s lives. The figures and the estimated projections speak for themselves.

Ratio of male/female ration of suicides, all age groups, 1908 - 1996

Ratios of U.S. male/female ration of suicides 
All age groups, 1980 – 1996

In the interval from 1979 to 1996 there were a total of 535,890 deaths in the U.S.A. that were diagnosed and reported to have been suicides.

  • Of these suicide victims, 421,991 were boys and men, and 113,899 were girls and women.
  • There was not one single age group in any year in which boys or men committing suicide did not exceed by far the numbers of girls or women who killed themselves.
  • The number of male suicide victims rose in virtually every year during the eighteen-year 1979 – 1996 interval, whereas the number of female victims of suicide was generally on the decline in virtually every year.
  • The number of female suicide victims was considerably lower in 1996 than it was in 1979, in spite of a sizeable increase in the American population during that period. It declined from 6,950 to 5,905 annually. The number of the male suicide victims rose during the same period from 20,256 to 24,998 annually.

Extrapolating from those statistics to the early 1960s, when the impact of the new realities of no-fault divorce and the feminization of America became fully reflected in the escalating male suicide rates, and extrapolating to the year 2000, when its impact was still being felt to its full deadly extent, it can be estimated that a total of 800,000 American boys and men committed suicide in the 1962-2000 interval.

In other words, more American boys and men died during and on account of the War of the Sexes than died in all military conflicts in which the USA were involved during the 20th century. The number of American boys and men killed in military actions during the 20th century is 661,946 (excluding the 4,273 boys and men killed in military actions during the 1899-1902 Philippines War).

If we were to assume that a number of 6,000 male suicides are to be subtracted from the annual male suicide casualties – the equivalent of female suicides – to allow that only the remainder of the male suicides are attributable to the War of the Sexes, the male casualties in the war of the sexes during the 1962-2000 interval still amount to 565,047 war dead, almost as many as the 595,242 American military casualties that died in all of the 20th century wars up to and including the Korean War.

Where are the memorials for the war-dead of the War of the Sexes, the Rout of the American Males? A total of 800,000 boys and men gave their lives not in the service of their country but to cater to equal rights for women, and there’s not a single memorial or cenotaph to mourn their passing.

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Correct me if I am wrong. Can a nation that has members of its male population sector kill itself in such large numbers be considered to be truly independent?


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