Sexual Attitude Restructuring

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SIECUS (Sex Information & Education Council of the United States) was instrumental in launching SAR (Sexual Attitude Restructuring).  From early 1980 until Dec. 1982, 60,000 educators received re-programming by SIECUS (Sex Information & Education Council of the United States). (Note 1)

Did the training then stop? What do you think? Whatever the circumstances were in that respect, those indoctrinated educators are still working on children now, aren’t they? And isn’t that the objective of the SAR program?

Let’s connect a few dots

That was just 60,000 educators re-programmed by one agency, SIECUS. Is SIECUS the only agency engaged in that? Does it stand to reason that the US is the only country in the world where such re-programming is under way?

It is relative easy to put a halt to such things. For instance, in Norway it so happened that just one astute individual found a very effective way by which to fight back to end the systematic ideological indoctrination of a nation and its children, or at least to curtail it in a big way.

The very prominent and popular Norwegian comedian Harald Eija managed to produce a television series, “Brainwash“, that resulted in very substantial cutbacks of government funding for feminist operating budgets. If you have never heard about that, you should watch the series. You will be glad you did.

Moreover, you can help to bring about such results elsewhere by passing the link for those videos on to others.
Note 1:  Francis Fukuyama coined the term, The Great Disruption (title of a book of his). A great disruption of social evolution that aims at systematically re-adjusting general moral standards should more accurately be called “the great confusion”.

A boy in the girls’ room? ‘Gender liberation’ bill passes in California

Becky Yeh – California correspondent   ( Monday, June 10, 2013

A California legal group is warning the public that a bill now in the California State Senate will allow students to choose the gender they want to be in restrooms and locker rooms, and on athletic teams.

Robert Tyler, general counsel at Advocates for Faith & Freedom, predicts California Assembly Bill 1266 will pass the state Senate and be signed into law.

“What that bill does is further emphasize the right in California of students to claim their own gender identity to use the facilities of their choice, restrooms and locker rooms,” Tyler tells OneNewsNow….(Full article)h/t to Tom Smith

Other than that, it is all proceeding according to plan:


In December 1982, George Leonard reported his Sexual Attitude Restructuring (SAR) experience in Esquire magazine. [Esquire: The End of Sex, p. 24] Noting at least 60,000 people trained in colleges and university by the SAR beginning in the early 1980s, Leonard expects his experience is typical:

The sensory overload culminated on Saturday night in a multi-media event called the F—korama … in the darkness … images of human beings – and some-times even animals — engaging in every conceivable sexual act, accompanied by wails, squeals, moans, shouts, and the first movement of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. Some seventeen simultaneous moving pictures … Over a period of several hours, there came a moment when the four images on the wall were of a gay male couple, a straight couple, a lesbian couple, and a bestial group. The subjects were nude,…I felt myself becoming disoriented … was she kissing a man or a woman? I struggled to force the acts I was watching into their proper boxes … and now I couldn’t remember which was which. Wasn’t I supposed to make these discriminations? I searched for clues. There were none. I began to feel uncomfortable. Soon I realized that to avoid vertigo and nausea I would have to give up the attempt to discriminate and simply surrender to the experience … The differences for which lives have been ruined, were not only trivial, but invisible. By the end … Nothing was shocking …. But nothing was sacred either. But as I drove home, I began to get a slightly uneasy feeling. It was almost as if I had been conned … by my own conditioned response of taking the most liberated position … whatever my deeper feelings …. love had not been mentioned a single time during the entire weekend.

The SAR has served as a critical tool to shape views of human sexuality. This New Biology media, an orgy of public and variant sexual couplings on film and video, is regularly utilized in academia to restructure educated sexual attitudes into Kinseyan sexuality. To understand how this works, it is useful to momentarily study the mechanics of the SAR in desensitization and disinhibition of the human brain to allow the shift in pedagogical attitude and teaching. The SAR literally scars the viewer’s brain as it short circuits his and her conscience.
On the evidence, the SAR high resonance images psychopharmacologically and neurochemically mold, coarsen and reform viewer’s brains, minds and memories. Neuroscientist, Dr. Gary Lynch, says:

What we’re saying here is that an event which lasts half a second, within five or ten minutes has produced a structural change that is in some ways as profound as the structural changes one sees in (brain) damage. 96[pp. 174 – 175]

From ‘Kinsey Crimes & Consequences,’ by Judith Reisman
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