Social engineering, Pavlov and propaganda

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Someone suggested that propaganda as promoted by feminists is Pavlovian conditioning.  True, and that, in a nutshell, describes the role of propaganda in social engineering for creating a new world order.

I never studied Pavlovian conditioning in great depth, but it seems to me that the desired responses were triggered in his animals by synchronizing the expectation of a physical stimulus, such as being fed, with a related sensory input, such as the ringing of a bell, so that in the end the ringing of the bell, without the expected reward in the way of a feeding, would bring about the production of gastric juices. Does that about sum it up?

How does that relate to the effectiveness of propaganda, say, in producing the desired result, say, such as a feeling of revulsion when thinking of an enemy, someone who would at one time have been thought of as a desired love companion or spouse in such a manner that he and the other members of his sex would be seen as unworthy of respect or even of being tolerated? How can the concept of date-rape be used to bring about the desired vilification of the enemy-class that is the target of such a campaign?

For that, conditioning of a different kind comes into the picture, social engineering, conditioning such as that explored in the Rockefeller-sponsored “Radio Project”, a research project undertaken over a considerable period of time, a project so massive, so large, that it took a large number of researchers from three prominent universities to run and complete it. That is as far as I will go in describing the context of that research project. I don’t want to write more about it because I want to avoid condensing a write-up that describes the “Radio Project” in very good detail and describes as well the impact of the Frankfurt School with respect to the ultimate sexual and cultural revolution it set out to engineer and to launch. The link to that will be at the end of this.

For now, I will just say that the investigations of the Radio Project established specific things about advertising to promote ideas or imagined needs, very fundamental and simple things, such as the range of certain things that must take place to bring about what one can arguably consider to be Pavlovian conditioning.

Take for instance what it takes to bring a pop song, even one without any artistic merits or any sort of public appeal, to the top of the pop charts. To make that happen does not require any promise of food or rewards of any sort. It just takes frequent exposure, say, at a minimum ten times a day, for a period of about ten to 14 days. In other words, repetition. The “Radio Project” established how that is done and what it takes to do it. The soap operas were one of the products that grew out of the “Radio Project”. A description of the “Radio Project” is contained in the report at this link.

Search that web page for “Radio Project” but read all of the page to learn about the Frankfurt School.

The history section of Fathers for Life contains more links to information on the context and its history that led to the social engineering done by the Frankfurt School, its sponsors and others.  That is a very large collection of information, but you may wish to focus on this and the subsequent, related chapters: the introduction to »Returning to Eden« by Daniel Pouzzner, for a history of the evolution of the sort of liberalism that now holds us in its grip.

To round all of that out, you should read this:

If you wish to expand your horizons and read about the role of social engineering for the promotion of socialism throughout recorded history in all of the world, in a somewhat expanded format, then read this book (the link will lead you to its full text, on-line):

I spent a lot of time with that book. It is very easy to navigate, search and to quote from (including links to the exact pages where the quotes can be found). You will find that, if nothing else, the foreword by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn must absolutely be read. 

The next comment will go into some detail on propaganda.


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