Feminism indoctrinates men devalues women’s worth?

Feminism indoctrinates men.  Someone asked just last night, “The percentage of men who are indoctrinated by feminism? It must be 80% or higher.”

Yes, that is what I estimate, too, just going by what I observe when discussing men’s issues with men. I include rednecks in that percentage and anyone who promotes western chivalry in any form. The percentage of women who are feminists is a bit lower, as women are less likely to have been indoctrinated to the same extent to which men were indoctrinated.

Women are more practical than men are. Men are more idealistic. Most men want to be knights in shining armor and are always ready to come to the rescue of “fair maidens”, often for no other reason than that it is a manly thing to do. It’s fascinating that men make so many sacrifices for women who feel no obligation to offer anything at all in return.

Of course, women feel no need to be obligated! They are now being encouraged to do all they can to exploit men to the hilt, to compensate them for the fabricated perception that men did wrong to women in the past, and that today’s men must atone for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers.

Mind you, there never was a feminine side to western chivalry. It always was a one-way exchange of goods, services and sacrifices by men, just for the honour of it, a meaningless honour that no woman ever was being made to feel obligated to grant.

Women who declare to be feminists are more likely to be fanatics, fools, or both. Practical women who are honest and objective, to boot, know full-well that to be equal with men means that they have to forgo far too many privileges that they presently enjoy without having to give anything in return (e. g.: Women have a ten-percent longer life expectancy than men do. is not something that women will be willing to give up any time soon).

The harsh reality of it all is that feminism has devalued women. It has normalized their worth down to that of men, while not upgrading their responsibilities and obligations to men’s level.

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