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Hacker attack : Feminist shopping list of things to hate

Hacker Attack : Feminist shopping list of things to hate On April 19th. 2013, the website of Fathers for Life and its affiliated blog dads & things became victims of a hacker attack, apparently inspired, executed and or paid for by feminists who hate specific things, pages and graphics at the website of Fathers for Life, and who hate its affiliated blog, dads & things, for linking to some of the material at Fathers for Life. The hacker attack is the second one experienced by Fathers for Life within about a month.  It is censorship through vandalism, in essence terrorism. The first part of a list of hacked web pages … Continue reading

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Parental Alienation Awareness Day — Edmonton, Alberta

Parental Alienation Awareness Day — Edmonton, Alberta Paan Alberta wrote on Facebook, Apr. 23, 2013: Walter – please post something about Parental Alienation Awareness Day on April 25? Thx crj2 Sure, Paan Alberta, the day is coming up, a day to focus on parental alienation syndrome (PAS) and on the emotional, social and financial devastation and harm it causes to parents who hate one another so much that they turn their children against the other parent, never mind the other 364 days a year when no one cares much about the issue. Mind you, the “celebrations” of that day will not focus all that much on the damages caused by … Continue reading

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Corporate censorship of pro-male HR websites

Corporate censorship of pro-male human-rights websites Some people seem to think that the censorship directed against Fathers for Life, its affiliated blog, and against my other websites (the latter being community oriented), involves someone taking them down.  That needs to be clarified. Nothing has been taken down. There are two (perhaps more) insidious methods that are being used to censor Fathers for Life and its affiliated blogs, but the problem extends far beyond Fathers for Life (more about that farther down). Filtering and blocking such as that being done at the present (and who knows for how long that has been going on) by O2 (a major, European, multinational communications … Continue reading

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Censorship in action — Erin Pizzey censored

Censorship in action — Erin Pizzey censored.  This sums up the censorship directed against Erin Pizzey. A detailed explanation of the ins and outs of the trend line is complex and lengthy.  Therefore, I will generalize. The trend line shows a gradual decline in traffic to Erin Pizzey’s web pages. That decline does not represent a decline in the public’s interest. It does show the cumulative effect of many things that were done over the years that made it more difficult to find Erin Pizzey’s web pages at F4L. To sum it all up: The Trend Line shows Censorship in Action! October 2006 is the start of the trend line.  … Continue reading

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Erin Pizzey popular on Reddit

Erin Pizzey popular on Reddit — Erin Pizzey and Dean Esmay had a three-hour session at Reddit, April 14, 2013 Hi I’m Erin Pizzey. Ask me anything! (self.IAmA) submitted 1 day ago* by erinpizzey Hi I’m Erin Pizzey. I founded the first internationally recognized battered women’s refuge in the UK back in the 1970s, and I have been working with abused women, men, and children ever since. I also do work helping young boys in particular learn how to read these days. My first book on the topic of domestic violence, “Scream Quietly or the Neighbours Will Hear” gained worldwide attention making the general public aware of the problem of domestic … Continue reading

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O2 and Symantec recognize FR blog

O2 and Symantec, both large, multinational corporations, awarded the Badge of Recognition to  Dads & Things at WordPress.  O2 is a European corporation, and Symantec the makers and vendors of Norton Antivirus. Our gratitude will be forever theirs. Ruth and I, the owners and operators of the blog, two pensioners with small and limited incomes, feel duly humbled to be so recognized. After all, that budding version of our blog has had only, quite literally, a handful of blog entries and exactly 24 visits during the two weeks of its existence, of whom, without a doubt, most were by me. Nevertheless, we are grateful for such undue recognition and feel … Continue reading

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Recent history: New Dads, Old Dads

Last Update 2018 08 22: Fixed broken links Recent history: The New Dads — Quotes from a 1997 speech by Judy Anderson, plus a few observations about the NSPA conference in Toronto The quotes in the following are from a transcript of a portion of a speech given by Judy Anderson, President of REAL Women of Canada,* at the NSPA (National Shared Parenting Association) conference at Metro Hall in Toronto, May 26, 1997. (* Obviously, detractors of REAL Women of Canada have managed to get their website a rating of “Dangerous”. My virus checker tells me so, but I asked the producers of the antivirus software to review that rating.) The … Continue reading

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Infanticide — a euphemism for child murder

Updates 2018 08 23: Minor edits, added links to related articles.2019 04 20: added link to related articles. Infanticide — a euphemism for child murder, a term that devalues the victim of the crime, a term that was created especially for women. If a man murders a child it is called by what it is: murder. He’ll go to prison for it for many years, after a murder trial in which he is more likely to be found guilty than a woman would if she had murdered the child under the same circumstances. If a woman murders a child, it is called infanticide. She’ll be tried in court for committing infanticide, … Continue reading

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Norton problems make life miserable

Norton problems make life involving a PC miserable.  The problems that the filtering and blocking by O2 and Symantec (the latter are the makers of Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus) of pro-male human-rights websites causes are not all. Read this article by Angry Harry at the indicated link. Problems with Norton Internet Security By Angry Harry It must have been about 13 years ago when I first underwent the horrors that Norton Internet Security inflicted upon me. It crashed my computer endlessly, slowed it down to a snail’s pace – with the hard drive whirring away for minutes at a time – and my download speeds on the internet … Continue reading

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Australian Suicides — boys men more often affected

Australian suicides by boys and men, in all age groups, are substantially more frequent than suicides by girls and women. Happy and satisfied people don’t die through suicide.  How did the Australian feminists manage to convince legislators and the general public that Australian women are oppressed and men their oppressors, when government statistics indicate the opposite? Divorced men and women have the highest suicide rates, married people the lowest, but rates are higher for men than for women in all categories. While doing house-keeping at Fathers for Life, I came across Australian Demographics and Suicide Statistics.  The following is one of the graphics with suicide statistics presented on that web page. The … Continue reading

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