Hacked : Feminist shopping list – things to hate (part 4)

A feminist shopping list of things to hate (part 4)

Here is Part 4 of the list of web pages and graphics that were hacked by feminists, Apr. 19, 2013.  This installment identifies images that the feminist hackers don’t want anyone to see:

  1. https://fathersforlife.org/images/pork.gif
  2. https://fathersforlife.org/images/skeleton7.jpg
    In case you should wonder why that image fell victim to the wrath of the feminists and their hackers, it is on the cover of a set of web pages that focus on “Anorexia Nervosa : Changing Ideal of Beauty or insane Obsession?“.
  3. https://fathersforlife.org/images/Trends_ms_vs_ws.jpg
    The feminists must be extremely bothered by graphs with such trend lines. In the March 15, 2013 hacker attack, the feminists had put out of order a couple of web pages that contained similar graphs with trend lines that illustrate the declining popularity and fortunes of the fad of feminism.  One of those is the home page of Fathers for Life, and the other one is a web page that many years ago was the home page for the website of Fathers for Life.
  4. https://fathersforlife.org/images/Trends_msp_vs_wsp.jpg
  5. https://fathersforlife.org/images/ussuirrr.gif
  6. https://fathersforlife.org/images/walkingdead.jpg
  7. https://fathersforlife.org/images/whiterose.gif < span=””> href=”https://blog.fathersforlife.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/whiterose.gif”>hacked, why?February 22, 1943, 9am… Three students from the University of Munich were brought to trial for treason. The trial lasted until 1 pm and by 5 o’clock all were dead, execute. What had those three young people done to cause the top justice of Hitler’s People’s Court to personally oversee the trial? Why were their voices silenced? And how many more innocent people will have to die before they are heard? (More)The feminist hackers did their best to erase the memory of those three students, of what they stood and died for, as the White Rose and the links to the students of the White Rose are displayed at the end of many of the web pages of Fathers for Life.The White Rose was the symbol that the three students had used on their pamphlets that they had been distributing at their university, pamphlets that told the truth about the totalitarian regime in which they lived. They paid for that with their lives.In comparison to what they did, the small inconvenience caused by the feminist hackers who attacked Fathers for Life is a a small price to pay for promoting the truth.
  8. https://fathersforlife.org/images/who_suicide_rates.gif
    hacked; the feminists don't even like suicide statistics
  9. https://fathersforlife.org/images/wwii2.gif
    hacked; nore do feminists like anyone to know about WWII casualties

The images shown in this blog entry and in the one preceding it are not the only images that the feminists don’t want you to see at the website of Fathers for Life.  They are not even the only ones they had hacked. The March 15, 2013 hacker attack had targeted other images, but then I did not construct a complete list of those images that had been hacked.

A feminist shopping list of things to hate


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