Parental Alienation Awareness Day — Edmonton, Alberta

Parental Alienation Awareness Day — Edmonton, Alberta

Paan Alberta wrote on Facebook, Apr. 23, 2013:

Walter – please post something about Parental Alienation Awareness Day on April 25? Thx crj2

Sure, Paan Alberta, the day is coming up, a day to focus on parental alienation syndrome (PAS) and on the emotional, social and financial devastation and harm it causes to parents who hate one another so much that they turn their children against the other parent, never mind the other 364 days a year when no one cares much about the issue. Mind you, the “celebrations” of that day will not focus all that much on the damages caused by PAS. An election-campaign issue must not be made out to be too gross, or else the good feelings that will garner votes will not be generated.

Parental alienation causes damages to children that will last them for the rest of their lives, harming their careers, their personal relationships and their future wealth and health.

Here is a small list of stories and discussions relating to PAS:

I will post a link to an episode on the Dr. Phil show, aired just yesterday, about a family struggling with their hatred for one another, where the mother apparently was the instigator of the discord in that family, one mother, one father, six children, all hating one another. Stay tuned for that story. I will post the link shortly, as soon as I can find it.

Here it is, the Dr. Phil show, illustrating PAS in action (sorry, ten children were involved, six of them young ones):

Dr. – Shows – 10 Kids, 1 Affair: The Ultimate Divide?
Scott’s youngest children have a message for their father. “You’re not my father, and I’ll never love you.” Are these words really coming from them?

Nevertheless, PAS is not caused by having too many children. Families with far fewer children fall prey to it as well.

Hate, hate, hate and more hate… Can that be fixed? Those children are a captive audience for a cult that indoctrinates them against their father, “You are not my father….I hate you….Leave me alone and just pay child support…You are a deadbeat dad.” Those may truly be the feelings of those children, but they are not their words. The words were hammered into their brains, with white-hot, six-inch nails of abject hatred.

So much for the PAS episode on the Dr. Phil show. If you want to inform yourself more about PAS, have a look at this, at Fathers for Life:

Family Wars (PAS) — Introduction and Table of Contents

Paan Alberta, the rest is up to you. You can post what is necessary about the “celebration” of PAS, in Edmonton, April 25, 2013. If anyone in Edmonton wishes to do something about the issue of PAS, be there and show your support. If nothing else, you will make new connections, new friends, and you will be able to find others who are as concerned about PAS as you are.

If you are a fan of “Dr. Phil”, this search string will lead you to more information relating to PAS at the website of the Dr. Phil show: PAS site:

I would like to add a few comments about the PAS pages at Fathers for Life. They are not there because I endorse either court hearings or mediation or counseling to solve the issue of PAS in any families. (Not only divorced families are being affected by PAS.)

No, I hope that those pages will help people to understand that PAS cases, if they make it to court, are not just bread and butter for the lawyers involved, they are windfalls for the legal professions and the divorce industry.

There is more to that. It should be obvious to anyone, not just the initiated, that PAS is a windfall not just for the legal professions, but that counselors of the psychological professions are in on the free-for-all feeding frenzy, the bounty of incomes that can be earned from PAS, and the careers that can be built on it. Psychological counselors want their piece of the pie. That explains why they need to be considered to be part and parcel of the divorce industry. Not that psychological counselors are not needed to help with solving some tough cases.

Nevertheless, the best way for anyone needing legal or counseling services due to PAS, so as to avoid getting devoured by the whole game is to stay out of it. An ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure in the case of PAS. Think of that, before you create the conditions that lead to PAS. Love one another, and you’ll never get hurt by PAS and by those who feed on it.

There is only one sure-fire method to beat the game of PAS, stay out of it. PAS produces no winners, only losers, but as soon as you join the game and bring it to the big casino, the courts, they and their servants and supporters will be happy to take you in and make money of you until you are broke, and then you will be the loser for sure, a very bitter one, to boot, and you will be very much poorer. Once the game is being played in the big casino, there is only one overriding rule: the house always wins.


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