O2 and Symantec recognize FR blog

O2 and Symantec, both large, multinational corporations, awarded the Badge of Recognition to  Dads & Things at WordPress.  O2 is a European corporation, and Symantec the makers and vendors of Norton Antivirus. Our gratitude will be forever theirs.

O2 and Symantec blocked dads&things

O2 and Symantec Award Certificate
Dads & Things
at http://dadsandthings.com

Ruth and I, the owners and operators of the blog, two pensioners with small and limited incomes, feel duly humbled to be so recognized. After all, that budding version of our blog has had only, quite literally, a handful of blog entries and exactly 24 visits during the two weeks of its existence, of whom, without a doubt, most were by me.

Nevertheless, we are grateful for such undue recognition and feel truly overwhelmed, which, given the great disparity in our respective powers — those of two lowly pensioners vs. those of two large, billion-dollar corporations — is of course to be expected.   Here it is:

O2 and Symantec blocked dads&thing, prompting the display of a 'Censored' stamp

Badge of Recognition
Dads & Things

Let’s see how this will play out. It certainly would be a good thing if I were not the only one posting and commenting there. Still, if O2 and Symantec can keep you out, who then is left to be kept away from our poisonous blog? Will Ruth and I be the only ones left…. (Will O2 and Symantec forbid us what to think, next?)

Mind you, you could of course post comments at https://blog.fathersforlife.org/ but, for heaven’s sake, that has been censored too, by the same corporations, as has been our website at https://fathersforlife.org/

So, what now?  Never fear. You will not be censored by us at any of the venues mentioned above.  Although some rules do apply, unlike the way things are at O2 and Symantec, where everything goes as long as it is politically correct, you may be politically incorrect as much as you want at our blogs. (Not true anymore. See addendum.)

Addendum. 2018 02 27

There were a number of very damaging hacker attacks on our website, as well as that I could not manage anymore to moderate the responses at the blog, to keep the spam out.  It appeared that the spam filters available to me provided openings to all sort of mischief that caused me far more work than I had time to cope with.

The blog is therefore closed to comments, but not all is lost.  I do have a FB presence, and you are welcome to comment there, but, please, identify what a given comment relates to (use a pertinent quote from the source, and identify the URL of the page it came from).

If you wish to contact me privately, use a private message.  That is more likely to get my attention than an e-mail message will.  — Walter

#Censorship #Feminism #TheNewWorldOrder

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3 Responses to O2 and Symantec recognize FR blog

  1. It is obvious that O2 and Symantec have it in for Ruth and me. Now a blog that I am running that has absolutely nothing to do with men’s rights or fathers rights, and does not even come close to touching the f-word (feminism, that is) received the “O2/Symantec Recognition Award”. It is being censored, too. See details.

    We love it. I announced the fact of having that blog being censored, accordingly displayed the “O2/Symantec Recognition Award” at the blog, and, lo and behold, within a couple of hours of doing that, the traffic to that blog had increased to three times its normal daily average.

    Two little old pensioners who are officially and practically poor (certified by Revenue Canada to be in the lowest 20-percentile of the income range) against two corporate giants… stay tuned to find out what they will do next.

    Isn’t it wonderful how a little bit of “censorship” will lift an obscure blog out of obscurity?

  2. What should a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) do about all of this?

    Just now I finished making the announced change to the scrolling text that runs along the top of my web pages at http://fathersforlife.org.

    The update will affect all of the web pages at the site, and all of the affected pages beenwere uploaded just now. That is certain to generate more traffic to the site and its affiliated blogs. Yesterday the traffic to http://blog.fathersforlife.org was already 66% percent above normal, and today already it is quite a bit higher than it normally is at this time of day. Right now, at 11:45 a.m., the number of visits to the blog is above where it normally is at the end of the day!

    I wrote and posted a comment to that extent (see the preceding comment, above). It explains why MRAs should grab this blessing and take full advantage of it. Let’s hope that all MRAs will be on the ball on this.

    We have never had a better opportunity to get free and effective advertising, not since MRAs came on the scene. If played right by all who are affected by the filtering and blocking, it will not be long before the issue makes it into the mainstream media, but it needs expanding and exponential growth for that to work out.

    Right now, nothing could be better for all affected pro-male websites and blogs than to advertise to the greatest extent that they are being “attacked by Symantec (makers and vendors of Norton Antivirus) and by O2” — two corporate giants against a few of the little people… The situation is a match made in heaven. Once the media get a hold of it, they won’t be able to let go.

    However it is too early yet for anyone to alert the media about this. We first need to have a few other websites and blogs that play along, the more and the sooner, the better.

    I see nothing wrong with forwarding this message to other MRAs. The more publicity this gets, the better. For those who will get to see it and don’t yet know whether their blogs or websites are being filtered/blocked, here is the link where you can check that: http://urlchecker.o2.co.uk/urlcheck.aspx (h/t John Kimble, The Rights of Man (UK)).

    A note of caution: Let no one claim he is being filtered/blocked when they are not. Nevertheless, even if you are not, you should still advertise that the filtering/blocking by Symantec and O2 directed against MRA websites and blogs is going on and an atrocious violation of human rights. Don’t keep quiet about it and keep it to yourself. Spread the word about it, far and wide!

    All the best,


  3. Jay Satish wrote on Facebook:

    “Grats. Just kidding. Symantec is not as popular as it used to be, so don’t worry.”

    I wrote back:

    Jay Satish, sure, congrats gratefully accepted, and condolences are not necessary. In fact, it’s a good thing that the feminists at Symantec and O2 took it upon themselves to attempt to censor http://fathersforlife.org, http://blog.fathersforlife.org and http://dadsandthings.com It gives me legitimate reasons for advertising that fact and to exploit it to the hilt.

    I look upon their campaign against us as a most welcome blessing that has already yesterday for example, increased the volume [o]f traffic to our blog at http://blog.fathersforlife.org by two-thirds.

    We are not the only ones against whom the feminists at O2 and Symantec (a.k.a. Norton) direct their wrath, there are at the very least about 90 pro-male and pro-family websites throughout the world that are being attacked by O2 and Symantec in exactly the same fashion. Follow the links for details. For starters, just click on the “Badge of Recognition”. You can’t miss it. Alternatively, click on the scrolling text at the top of virtually all web pages at http://fathersforlife.org No one who visits those pages will miss that.

    This is the best public relations opportunity that has come along for men’s rights activists since the time men’s rights activists have been around. It can only get better if everyone reading about it spreads the word. It has a very good potential for getting all of us a lot of mainstream media attention.

    Anyone who reads this and who runs a blog or website should check whether he is not also being attacked by O2 and Symantec. Follow the links and check it out. It’s the best advertising you can get for your blog or website, and it is available to anyone who needs it, at absolutely no cost. What more can the MR movement ask for?

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