Being entitled: You are entitled, wrote an Indian agitator

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Being entitled: You are entitled, wrote an Indian agitator, and stated, “Apology to a white supremacist like you? You are not only deluded but entitled too. Well, they go hand in hand.”

I guess that merely being of European descent, Caucasian, makes me a white supremacist.  I confess, I had provoked the man, by writing just prior to that, after he had asked me for a favour,

I am still a bit too tired, recuperating from the baseless insults I received, and tired of waiting for a heart-felt apology. After what you had called me, in public… “Dear Walter”, on a one-to-one basis, does not quite cut it.
Whether you wanted to hurt me or merely spoke from your heart, the results are the same. I cannot see my way through getting over what you had stated.
Thanks, but no thanks, and, please, remember that.
Let’s just say that we operate on different levels, and that I don’t want to lower myself to yours.

Someone had called him an idiot  That is not warranted, but there is no doubt in my mind as to who happens to be the deluded racist in the case, and it is not the “white supremacist.”

He is an isolationist, someone who advocates that men should live alone, apart from women.   Moreover, he is a hard-core Marxist-socialist, which seems to be a malaise that appears to afflict very many people who hail from India and are active in Canadian political life.

Most likely his animosity is primarily caused by the conflict between the envy he has of our financial freedom and the frustration that the freedom Ruth and I gained  through 30 years of happy togetherness, and finally the level of comfort we acquired in our old age.  That is a contradiction of the basic belief that is the foundation of everything he preaches.  In his mind it is not possible for us to have what we have, because his template for the world view he wishes everyone else to buy into and support does not permit a man and a woman to have success as a couple.

It was quite clear to me when he launched his first attack against me some months ago, that the anger and hatred he expressed against me then were not directed against me but against anyone and all whose origins are ethnically European and specifically the English, the arch-enemies of a subcontinent that had not been a nation when the English began to control it and had evidently become capable of being a nation when the English left it again, equipped with functioning railroad-, road-, and telecommunication networks, including a unifying language that helped to make it all work.

He said then something to the extent that I could not ever hope to understand the oppressed, because I am one of the privileged and furthermore do not stem from a country of origin that once was oppressed by England.  Interestingly, he is  not in India now but in England, a country that he despises but disgraces with his presence while in the process of acquiring a university education.  He is just a young thing…

This time he called me “entitled”.  I have no idea what he means by that.  It must have a meaning, however obscure.   I just don’t get it.  After all, English is my second language and his first, but I am glad that now I don’t have to bother to get him to explain himself.  Given the intensity of his socialist convictions that he adamantly insists are unassailable and cannot be changed, it appears that not only is he a racist fanatic but that he is also suffering from an extreme case of good, old, Marxist class-hatred.

In the real world in which my wife and I live, we have it from a credible and reliable source that we are officially poor.  Revenue Canada says so and verifies it every year when they send back the refund claimed on our income-tax returns.  That is not a matter of debate.  That sort of evidence stands up in court. I guess what bothers the hard-core Marxist socialist is that we have no debts, but I would be an idiot if that were not so.  It’s what I worked two and three jobs–simultaneously–all of my life to make happen now.

Having worked two and three jobs at a time for most of my life makes me an enemy of the poor, “entitled,” I guess.  Spoken like a true Marxist, and only another Marxist can accept the logic of that.  If that is what being “entitled” means and causes to happen, then I don’t even mind being called “entitled”, because I think it means that my wife and I are blessed.

Yes, Ruth and I did alright.  There is life after divorce and separation.  We both knew that when we began our life together, because we had both been divorced but agreed that if we worked together, we would be where we are now, not rich but comfortable. Still, is that not what life should be about, that we should take a rest and be comfortable after having worked all of our lives to be in that condition when we reach the age we are now, in our mid-seventies, going on 80?

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