Australian Suicides — boys men more often affected

Australian suicides by boys and men, in all age groups, are substantially more frequent than suicides by girls and women.

Happy and satisfied people don’t die through suicide.  How did the Australian feminists manage to convince legislators and the general public that Australian women are oppressed and men their oppressors, when government statistics indicate the opposite?

Divorced men and women have the highest suicide rates, married people the lowest, but rates are higher for men than for women in all categories.

While doing house-keeping at Fathers for Life, I came across Australian Demographics and Suicide Statistics.  The following is one of the graphics with suicide statistics presented on that web page.

Australian Suicides

Australian Suicide Cases 1998

The information in the graphs contained in that page is still good, but if you wish to use it in any discussions or debates, data from somewhere closer to the present would be better than data from 1998.

Maybe someone from Australia could point out a reputable source of such information that could be used to make the information contained in the page more current.


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3 Responses to Australian Suicides — boys men more often affected

  1. The web page that is the topic of this discussion thread has been updated, but it is still not up-to-date with respect to bringing it into line with the most recent suicide- and demographic information for Australia.

    I added a preamble and links to archived versions of some web pages to serve instead of the links that have gone dead over the years. The good thing about making thse changes is that you can now access to archive versions of reports or web pages that the Australian government no longer wants you to see.

  2. Warren Gibson responded to a related information request on Facebook:

    No we can’t (I’m Aussie). Walter H. Schneider,the left wing Feminist Gov won’t or is reluctant to Acknowledege Male Stats…!
    13 hours ago · Like

    Walter H. Schneider to Warren Gibson: Yes, to my great sorrow, I must agree. Most definitely, wrt suicide statistics (and very probably wrt other social indicators as well), Australians are being looked at by their government as being mushrooms. They are kept in the dark and are being fed B.S..
    Here is the proof of that:$File/41020_health_indicators_2012.xls

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