Should you be an activist?

Should you be an activist?

This is an entry regarding Website Statistics for Fathers for Life, 2006 to 2013 Summary, a new web page at Fathers for Life that I posted earlier this morning.

Note 2013 04 09 19:45 hrs: Sorry for being held up with fixing what needed to be fixed.  There was an error in the coding for  It caused the display around item # 8 to be a bit muddled.  That has now been repaired.

The statistics summary provides insights on the changing status of the ten most-popular subject areas discussed at F4L.  If you every wondered whether you should be or remain an activist for men’s rights, fathers rights or pro-family rights, then you need to have a feeling for what the status of each of those issues was, where it is now, and where it appears to be going.  For example, here is an excerpt from the report:

Monthly numbers of pageviews over time for the subject area "Population Politics" at the website of Fathers for Life, 2006 to 2013 The sudden increases in traffic volumes late in everyone of the years covered were due to the mainstream media featuring discussions of world demographics.  It appears that those scheduled, annual media campaigns motivate many people to inform themselves about population trends.  That is a prime example of to what extent public interest is being influenced by what the media popularize.  It is clear that just a few people are the drivers of the opinions of very many.
In this particular case, the regular annual increase in traffic volumes is caused by news stories that focus on issues of world demographics and mentioning of the term “population pyramids” in October of each year, at a rate that is about five times greater than that in September of each year.
We may have freedom of speech, although that is somewhat debatable, but we most definitely do not have freedom of opinions.  Our opinions are being steered by just very few people, perhaps and possibly by few more than a handful of them.  Who pulls their strings?

If you came here without having seen the F4L website-statistics summary-report, make sure to visit the page with the report.  It shows, in a nutshell, that you very likely did not know a few things that you need to know to make you a better activist, not that “perfection” requires any improvements, right? 😉

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