Hated web pages feminists hacked

Update 2018 08 24: Added descriptions of hacked web pages

Hated web pages feminists hacked at F4L were selected in a “brute force” hacker attack and had their file permissions changed, so that they could no longer be accessed.

On March 15th, 2013, ten web pages were hacked into at the website of Fathers for Life.  Not much physical damage was done.  The file permissions for the web pages had been changed so that no one could access them any longer.  Attempts to access them would result in 403 errors.

The web pages are listed here, in no particular order.  All of the pages, except one, ranked in the 25 most-often-visited web pages at Fathers for Life.

In about 1997, Joni Mitchell had a tearful reunion with her only daughter Kilauren Gibb, whom she had given up for adoption 32 years earlier. Barely three years later they were engaged in bitter strife, and Kilauren Gibb was involved in a custody battle with her boyfriend over her daughter, while Joni Mitchell was supposed to have slapped her daughter Kilauren.

Fatherlessness is the absence of their fathers in children’s lives. It is a large and serious social problem. Fathers for Life discusses fatherlessness, its causes and consequences.

Old Home Page for Fathers for Life

Consequences of father absence

The table of contents links to various articles on the website of father for Life that pertain to health issues affecting men and women. It is of primary interest to men and to those who appreciate men.

This web page describes how Justice Singer retaliated against a 12-year-old boy for resisting the abuse to which Justice Singer subjected him.

Suicide rates for selected countries, world-map of male suicide rates, based on 1999 data, with a link to similar, most-recent WHO data from the year 2008

Feminism — Definition of terms

Bieber, et al., found a pattern of detached and/or hostile-detached fathers. They concluded that: “Profound interpersonal disturbance is unremitting in the homosexual father-son relationship. Not one of the fathers (of homosexual sons)… could be regarded as reasonably ‘normal’ parents’.”

An article by Erin Pizzey, founder of the modern women’s shelter movement — e-published with permission

At first glance, the hacker attack seemed motivated or executed by feminists or feminist sympathizers, but something is very curious about the time leading up to the attack and the time following it that should make one wonder.

After the file permissions for the pages were restored, the traffic volumes to all of the web pages but one recovered nicely. The one that did not recover was the one that describes the abuse of judiciary powers and authority by U.K. Justice Singer, abuse directed at a 12-year-old boy, in retaliation to the boy’s resistance to that abuse….


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