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Censoring of pro-male human-rights websites intensifies

Censoring of pro-male human-rights websites intensifies. The censoring is far more wide-spread and has been going on for far longer than many imagine. After the initial discovery of what was being done, The Rights of Man (UK) is now discovering additional pro-male human-rights websites by the day that are being filtered/blocked by O2 (a large European, international telecommunications corporation) and by Symantec (maker of Norton anti-virus and of parental-control software). Erin Pizzey is being targeted by O2 and Symantec: Well it may well be a coincidence, or perhaps it’s payback, but what we know for sure is that MRALondon have now been blocked as a “hate site” too. The MRA … Continue reading

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Is sex boring?

Updated 2019 04 21 Is sex boring? Just a while ago I wandered over to the local library and tried to determine whether there is any truth to the rumour that public libraries (and schools, too) throughout the world have filtering and blocking software installed (it’s similar to what is used for “parental control”) that prevents access to 58 human-rights websites throughout the world,  including mine at (as well as this blog), websites that are run by human rights activists who happen to be exclusively men and women that are supporters of men’s rights. The local library, a bastion of enlightenment and liberty, in reality a Trojan horse with … Continue reading

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Dads & Things fully functional again

Dads & Things is fully functional again.  After close to two weeks of migrating the data at Dads & Things to  a much-needed, up-to-date version of WordPress, Dads & Things is now back in full operation,  I will try to re-enable commenting as soon as I am finished writing this update. For as long as Dads & Things had existed, it was never possible to employ spam-prevention measures that do operate on WordPress blogs elsewhere.  Spam at Dads & Things (and most likely many others blogs operated on the same host server) became so severe and so threatening that I had no choice but to prohibit commenting. I now have … Continue reading

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Jimmy Deuchars passed away

Jimmy Deuchars passed away Dear Friends and Members 28th February 2013 Jimmy Deuchars – Grandparents Apart Wales It is with deep sadness that I write to tell you of the passing of Jimmy Deuchars who died late this morning.. Others will know more about him than I but for me he was a colossus of a man who cared about humanity and in particular children alienated from their grand/parents. He understood immediately what grand/parents were going through in the circumstances of being denied access to their children and was a comfort to them, someone they could and did rely on. He played a big part in Scotland’s Charter for Grandchildren … Continue reading

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