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Tips and Notes —This page is intended for those who wish to leave tips and notes for dads&things, but the blog is closed for comment at the moment.  If you have anything that you feel needs to be published here, get in touch with Dads & Things @ Facebook.  A response will not necessarily follow instantaneously, but will happen in short order.

Keep in mind that the same rules apply there as do here.

For URLs, make sure that you just copy and paste them as simple character strings.  Do not use any HTML tags for URLs.

Do not post complete news articles.  Usually the headline, a pertinent quote of concern, identification of the source, date, URL and a short explanation are sufficient and essential.

Identify also where your comment is to appear, and which blog posting (identify the URL) it is to be part of.

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  1. Problems with decoding URLs?

    Did you ever have a URL that you wished you could decode?

    Take this one:

    It won’t work the way it is, but there is a decoder for that. For example, copy the URL shown above. Click on this URL (you should bookmark it), paste the URL you copied into the top field that will show up, click decode and, there you are; the bottom field will contain the plain-text version you wish you would have before Google terminates Google Reader.

    If you haven’t heard about it yet, Google reader will be discontinued soon. You will need that little tool I just showed you to copy your existing URLs for RSS feeds and to convert them, to enter plain text URLs into your e-mail software’s “Blogs and News” section.

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