O2 involved in serious discrimination and censoring

O2 involved in serious discrimination and censoring

censored-stampRight up front, I must confess that this is a discussion of “Defining Policy” and “Category: Hate”, both of which categories were used and applied in labelling my wife and me  criminals.

The labelling was done by O2, a large, multinational, European telecommunications provider, and their sentence was accordingly imposed on us.  The sentence is a curtailment  of our right to freedom of speech, without informing us of the charges, without giving us a chance to defend ourselves, and without telling us what our offences were that motivated them to pass judgment on us and to impose their sentence.  It goes without saying that it is extremely questionable that they were assigned by any legislative body the right to exercise such totalitarian authority.

I am the author, owner and webmaster of websites at which crimes of hate and violations of “Defining Policy” are alleged to have  been found, crimes of a nature sufficiently severe to have my website and my blog filtered and blocked for users of O2’s filtering and blocking software (with Symantec, the makers and distributors of Norton Antivirus apparently playing a not inconsiderable role in the filtering and blocking).

My wife is the editor-in-chief, cook and bottle washer.  We are both retired, on limited incomes that make it much easier to live, work and love together than to live apart.  We are quite happy and content doing so and feel sorry for the poor fools who were indoctrinated into believing that to rip marriages apart and to have promiscuous sex is better than to live the good life.  We both say so on my websites and run those websites out of our own pockets with not a cent of funding from any other source.

We both had been through divorces in the 1970s and know the pain and devastation caused by divorce, for which reason we know and understand the difference between people who are smart and those who are fools.  But it must be a crime, a hate-crime, to say so, and it is apparently not toeing the party line (called a violation of “Defining Policy”) to put it in writing on a website or blog.

I was a user of Norton Antivirus since about the time PCs came on the market, and that is how Norton (Symantec, that is) rewards me, by labelling me a criminal (hate-crimes are criminal offences in Canada).  That doesn’t make sense, but is doesn’t need to make sense.  I will not buy Norton Antivirus anymore. I already stopped using it, even though my subscription is still good for some time.

To put it on record, yesterday I found evidence that confirms, still, that we have been declared guilty.  The O2 Website Status Checker says so.  That evidence has not changed since the day I first saw it, March 16, 2013.  Here are screenshots of the evidence:

O2 website status for dads & things

O2 Website Status for dads & things. the blog affiliated with the website of Fathers for Life

O2 website status for Fathers for Life

O2 website status for Fathers for Life, a website promoting fathers within and not without families

The next piece of evidence is nothing more than proof that O2 and anyone else helping them have no clue as to what they are doing.  That makes us believe that someone is pulling their strings, most likely some feminists somewhere who convinced O2 and Symantec to do the right thing and to “help women out” by categorizing all major pro-male human-rights websites as hate sites.  After all, there are close to 90 other pro-male human-rights websites like ours that are all in the same boat, call it the HEMS HATE SITE (HEMS: Her European Majesty’s Ship).

Here now is a piece of evidence showing that O2 and Symantec are both out to lunch and don’t have a clue as to what they are doing in connection with the issue of censoring other people.

The following website status information is also from the O2 Website Status Checker.  It is for a website, rather a blog, that I set up to prepare for  the migration of dads & things from its current host server to the host server run by WordPress.  The reasons for that don’t matter for this discussion.

O2's rating of dads & things on the WordPress host server

Why is http://www.dadsandthings.com not rated as a hate site and as not meeting “Defining Policy”?

We want equal treatment for all of our websites!  We don’t want any of our websites to experience being discriminated against less than any of the others.  [Update 2013 04 14: some time during the past few days O2 and Symantec obliged and censored those few blog entries at that URL as well.  See the first comment below for details.] O2 advises that if we “like it to be reclassified please press Reclassify URL.”  Aside from the missing comma, okay, I will do that, but where is the button to do it with?  There is no button like that on their web page (check it out).

They don’t have a clue and don’t even know how to have people advise them what to do.  One thing is clear in my mind. O2 and Symantec are corporations that are being ruled and governed by political correctness gone wild, without much or any concerns for people’s constitutional or civil rights.
P.S.: Some may think that it is not proper to expose this issue to the public without discussing it first with the management of O2 and Symantec.  Is that really so?  They censored us without telling us about it first, and there are millions of users of their software who now at least potentially are unable to find our web pages.  It’s Tit for Tat.  Moreover, we have been unjustifiably slandered, and the damage done through that is not easily rectified to anyone’s satisfaction, ever!  They are corporate giants, and we are just two little people trying to enjoy the last days of our “golden years”.  In our books, civil and constitutional rights still count for something.

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that, having been born into a totalitarian regime that the whole world fought — for which good cause tens of millions of men and women gave their lives, I would exit this life having my rights trodden into the mud by another totalitarian regime, perhaps a far more powerful collaboration of corporate powers than the one that came to life under Hitler and cohort.

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  1. Today I found out that O2 and Symantec censored and blocked the blog at http://www.dadsandthings.com as well. Well, I did challenge them, and they promptly obliged by abusing their power. It took them less than a month to comply. That, for large bureaucratic organizations like O2 and Symantec, is a response time close to that of greased lightning.

    On March 28th I asked that “We want equal treatment for all of our websites! We don’t want any of our websites to experience being discriminated against less than any of the others.” Today, at most 16 days after I stated that in the lead-in comment in this thread, they appear to have obliged, again without a trial, without notification, without warning, without telling anyone.

    Now, is that corporate power or not? Imagine: the full might of two large powerful corporation against a couple of poor pensioners in their mid-70s on limited incomes.

    They ought to be able to do a lot better with showing how powerful they are and how determined they are to ram political correctness down the throats of the people in the whole world (which is, of course, exactly what they are doing).

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