Update on the hacker attack at Fathers for Life

This is an update on the hacker attack at Fathers for Life. During the past few days I spent a fair bit of time on issues relating to censorship and hacking.  Hacking is an attempt to censor through vandalism. Filtering and blocking is more or less the same thing.  It is vandalism by proxy.  Still, on March 15th, 2013, I had my website hacked.  The hackers didn’t do much damage, but their efforts did have some impact, mostly good, believe it or not.

Some years ago, I used a compendium of definitions of different brands of feminism from soc.feminism as the foundation upon which to build one of the most popular web pages at my website: “Feminism? You want feminism? Which brand would you like?” at https://fathersforlife.org/feminism/feminism_terms_defined.htm

That web page is such a thorn in the eyes of the redfems that it became a victim of the hacker attack on March 15, when they changed file permissions for five popular pages (amongst them the home page), so that accessing one of the affected web pages produced a 403 error (“You don’t have permission to access this file….”)

The traffic to the website dropped by about 30 percent as a result of that hacker-attack. It took me about an hour to check the file permissions of close to 2,000 files and to make corrections where necessary. About 50 files, mostly graphic files, had had their file permissions changed. It is hilarious to see what sort of files the redfems feel should not be seen by the public.  Take this one:

Cartoon by Cagle
In the end it was all good. Just as Randolph Hurst had said, “There is no such thing as ‘bad’ news.”

There is now more traffic to the website than there was a month ago, and the rank of the website improved from about 1.8-millionth place a month ago to 1-millionth place now, with no end to the improvement in sight. The current seven-day rank is 637,847th place, up 617,784 places from the 1,255,531st place at which it was during the week of the hacker-attack.

In comparison, http://now.org currently has a seven-day rank of 309,347th place.


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