Is your website a hate-site? How do you know?

Update 2019 04 28, to make addendum.

Is your website a hate-site? How do you know? If you are running a website and wish to know whether your website is classified as a hate-site or whether it is being filtered and blocked for other reasons (religion could be one), you will be able to find out via the Website status checker at  (h/t John Kimble, The Rights of Man (UK))

Well, my website, and its affiliated blog at are classified as hate-sites, and they appear to violate some other standard that O2 has not defined. They call it “Policy definition”, but I don’t have a clue what reasoning they use for classifying a website. You better check the status of your website. You may be in for a nasty surprise.

Addendum 2019 04 28: I am not the only one to notice what is going on:

Symantec, O2 still censoring/defaming MHRA sites

May 5, 2013 By John Kimble 74 Comments

In case you weren’t aware, Symantec and UK telecoms company O2 are currently still blocking men’s human rights sites and labelling them as “hate sites”. Previous reports of the cessation of such disgraceful behaviour were based on an erroneous article at The Register and the truth of the matter is that at no time were any of the sites in question unblocked.

It’s not just A Voice for Men that is smeared in this way by these companies, even completely uncontroversial resources have been defamed too. Symantec believes that the equal Justice Foundation’s site to be hateful, yet all they do is help male victims of domestic abuse. Sites wanting separated dads to have a relationship with their kids are also classed in this ridiculous way, and if you’re dedicated to nothing more than drawing attention to the plight of male victims of rape and sexual abuse then even that’s “hate” too….(more)

#Censorship  #CivilRights

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