Censoring of pro-male human-rights websites intensifies

Censoring of pro-male human-rights websites intensifies. The censoring is far more wide-spread and has been going on for far longer than many imagine. After the initial discovery of what was being done, The Rights of Man (UK) is now discovering additional pro-male human-rights websites by the day that are being filtered/blocked by O2 (a large European, international telecommunications corporation) and by Symantec (maker of Norton anti-virus and of parental-control software).

Erin Pizzey is being targeted by O2 and Symantec:

Well it may well be a coincidence, or perhaps it’s payback, but what we know for sure is that MRALondon have now been blocked as a “hate site” too. The MRA London team includes people such as Erin Pizzey, so Symantec are O2 and Symantec are branding as “hateful” people such as the UK’s most important figure in gaining recognition and support [for] domestic violence victims. How “hateful” it was of her to set up the world’s first domestic violence shelter and support so many victims of abuse.
More: http://therightsofman.typepad.co.uk/

As far as my website at https://fathersforlife.org is concerned, I am fairly certain the censoring is being intensified.  After the hacker-attacks on the 15th and 16th of March, through which file permissions had been altered so that specific web pages could no longer be accessed by anyone, not even by me (list of the webpages involved is appended), the traffic volume to the site recovered to normal by last Monday.  However, subsequently it so happened that, contrary to established trends, the volume of traffic to Fathers for Life is noticeably declining day after day.  Yesterday the traffic to the site was about 30 percent less than what it had been at the start of the week.  If established trends would be ruling that, then the traffic volumes should have been increasing day after day.

For the record, these are the webpages that had been targeted by the 403-error attack:

* [I almost forgot to include the URL for the page that brought for many years a large portion of the daily website traffic to the website of Fathers for Life.  Still, I feel honoured by being perceived as a threat to the feminist ideology.  My judgment of what is most damaging to the impression the feminists wish to project has been confirmed by their hacker attack.]

When you visit those web pages, you will understand why the redfems try to do everything they can to have them vanish from the face of the Earth.


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