Is sex boring?

Updated 2019 04 21

Is sex boring? Just a while ago I wandered over to the local library and tried to determine whether there is any truth to the rumour that public libraries (and schools, too) throughout the world have filtering and blocking software installed (it’s similar to what is used for “parental control”) that prevents access to 58 human-rights websites throughout the world,  including mine at (as well as this blog), websites that are run by human rights activists who happen to be exclusively men and women that are supporters of men’s rights.

The local library, a bastion of enlightenment and liberty, in reality a Trojan horse with which to promote totalitarian censorship that is more effective than the suppression of the Bible was in the USSR?  Perish the thought!  I had to check that out! ….

I did that just now and had no problem with accessing my website and to navigate it, using their PC.  That leaves checking some of the schools in the area. I got a few people interested in doing that; they promised that they will.

You may think that I am paranoid about all of that, but consider that, aside from my website having experienced an overall decrease in traffic volumes during the past few years, there are some very curious circumstances involving specific pages at my website.  Take for instance  I set that page up in January 2000. It does not contain even a hint of pornography, and not much, if anything, on religion, which is acording to some assertions I heard the reason why my website is being filtered and blocked.

The page was immediately popular and received on average about 80 visits a day, until 2007, when the number of visits began to decline to about 4 a day by 2011.  It is presently at about 3.3 visits a day.

sex-ed_ pageviews_ 2006-2013

Weekly numbers of pageviews Oct 1, 2006 to Apr 21, 2013
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Why is that?  No one can convince me that today’s kids aren’t interested in sex anymore, even though they may seem to feel that they invented it.  What is going on?
[2013 04 21: Inserted graph of pageviews]

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  1. Subscribing and logging-in to dads & things should be possible again later today, right after I have had a chance to speak to the people in he security department of the host server for the blog.

  2. I inserted a graph of weekly numbers of page views over time for the web page on sex-ed under discussion in the blog entry.

    Too bad that no one else can log in right now due to the feminist hacker attack last Friday. It certainly would be nice to see some other opinions on the issues of sex education and on the propaganda and censorship affecting it.

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