Dads & Things fully functional again

Dads & Things is fully functional again.  After close to two weeks of migrating the data at Dads & Things to  a much-needed, up-to-date version of WordPress, Dads & Things is now back in full operation,  I will try to re-enable commenting as soon as I am finished writing this update.

For as long as Dads & Things had existed, it was never possible to employ spam-prevention measures that do operate on WordPress blogs elsewhere.  Spam at Dads & Things (and most likely many others blogs operated on the same host server) became so severe and so threatening that I had no choice but to prohibit commenting.

I now have 32,000 spam messages that I cannot possibly delete from the files but that at least won’t pose a threat to the integrity of this blog.

With the notification that the long and weary migration to the latest version of WordPress for Dads & Things was completed last night came also the knowledge that it is possible now to control spam.  Therefore I will now attempt to re-enable commenting.  That is the good news.

The bad news is that I am stuck with 32,000 spam messages at Dads & Things that I cannot delete, because I will not spend the little time that remains in my life deleting 32,000 spam messages, 20 at the time, in a process that is objectionably time consuming and error prone.  I spent a few hours on that last night and gave up after it became obvious that the procedure for doing so constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.  I made a dent in the pile. I deleted 600 spam messages after a few hours of work.  No, that is not how I will be spending the rest of my days.  Let the messages sit there, and if any of the spammers try again, it is very likely that now they cannot succeed anymore.  I have no idea why did not do the upgrading all along, but I doubt it that they would tell me their reasons.

Another piece of bad news is that having bad news doesn’t mean that things can’t get worse.  I now have an additional 2000 or so messages in my inbox telling me of new subscribers who are in truth spammers and telling me to authorize blog postings and comments that I already once before authorized, some of them years ago.  Maybe I have to take a vacation.

It has been a long winter, anf the piles of snow shoveled off our drive way are getting to be pretty darn close to six-feet high, but running this blog under the circumstances has been worse than getting a bad case of cabin fever.

Still, so far I managed to back out on the road without hitting oncoming traffic, and the blog is still running, refusing to die.  That’s what we old codgers do best, I guess.  Old codgers and the blogs they run refuse to die.  Now, that is a thought that makes me feel better.

I think that I will wander over to the local library and try to determine whether there is any truth to the rumour that public libraries (and schools, too) throughout the world have filtering and blocking software installed (it’s called parental control) that prevents access to 58 human-rights websites throughout the world,  including mine at (as well as this blog), websites that are run by human rights activists who happen to be exclusively men and women that are supporters of men’s rights.

The local library, a bastion of enlightenment and liberty, in reality a Trojan horse with which to promote totalitarian censorship that is more effective than the suppression of the Bible was in the USSR?  Perish the thought,  I’ve got to check that out!


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