Jimmy Deuchars passed away

Jimmy Deuchars passed away

Dear Friends and Members 28th February 2013

Jimmy Deuchars – Grandparents Apart Wales

It is with deep sadness that I write to tell you of the passing of Jimmy Deuchars who died late this morning..

Others will know more about him than I but for me he was a colossus of a man who cared about humanity and in particular children alienated from their grand/parents.

He understood immediately what grand/parents were going through in the circumstances of being denied access to their children and was a comfort to them, someone they could and did rely on.

He played a big part in Scotland’s Charter for Grandchildren a founder member of Grandparents Apart UK pushing that organisation to great heights of recognition by holding seminars and open meetings at different venues.

Jimmy will be sorely missed but never forgotten and it is up to others including myself to continue the essential work that he was involved in for the betterment of all.

Our thoughts and heart felt condolences go out to Margaret his lovely wife who stood side by side with Jimmy from the very start and their family.

Good bye Jimmy, and thanks.

Best wishes,

Frank Bradfield

Grandparents Apart Wales

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