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The website Fathers for Life on Facebook.

A couple of days ago I found something that very much surprised me, a FB page called Fathers for Life.

That is a great page, and, no, I am neither its creator nor did I even until yesterday know that it existed. The fact that the FB page for Fathers for Life indicated here and my website share the same name is coincidental.

The introduction to that page reads:


Men rarely have little, if any, say in the abortion topic due to the liberal agenda of the pro-choice community making it a taboo. Men are affected every day and suffer from depression and other symptoms when having gone through the loss of an unborn or born child.
This page is dedicated to give the men a voice and support equal rights in choices and to life for all. This page is for men, women, pro-lifers, and pro-choicers alike of all beliefs and views as long as you can remain civil and mature. This page is to offer support to men who have suffered loss, advice, news, current events, law, ask questions, give opinions, and more.
Abortion is a very real tragedy that leaves the child dead, and often the mother physically and emotionally scarred for life if they live through it, and the rarely discussed father at a grieving loss that is not allowed to find justification in the law for their child being taken. If a father causes the pregnant woman to lose her child, he is charged with murder. If the mother ends the life of that same unborn child, it is called a legal abortion. The law should collaborate with itself, as well as the constitution, to make sense.

I could not have stated it better, and the man who stated it is a man of my heart.

It was a surprise to me to find that FB page. It is not so much of a surprise that that FB page and the very first web page that I put up at my website published very similar photos of an unborn child and that both Internet forums chose an identical name, although those decisions were made close to two decades apart.

I left a comment at “Fathers for Life” on FB.  He responded:

Way awesome that we share the same page name and all. I am glad to see others out there with the same FOR LIFE agenda, and men do have a voice.

Right! Men do have a voice, but it is a shame that many men don’t use it often enough.

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