People send me stuff….

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People send me stuff.

We have a lot of books in our house. Vastly most were acquired at bargain prices at garage sales and in second-hand bookstores.

Some of them I bought, after we had overcome the financial devastation caused by my marriage to and subsequent divorce from my first wife, and when after two decades of that financial recovery process it became possible again for me to indulge in the purchase of things that are not just the barest essential necessities of life.

One of the non-essential niceties that I was eventually able to support, financially, was to create the website at

On account of that website, people send me things: letters, newspaper clippings, requests for information, help and advice, and requests for interviews. Some people send me copies of books they wrote and hope that I will find them worth promoting.

Some of the books we have are books that people had sent to me, and many of those books are worth noting. Some of them stand out because of the thought-provoking, illuminating ideas they contain, although those ideas are often and more often decidedly not politically correct.

That was the case with a book that Ruth picked up from the post office today, “THE IMMINENT COLLAPSE OF AMERICA AND OF THE WHOLE WESTERN CIVILIZATION” by Angelo Bertolo (Sep 25, 2012). That book by Prof. Angelo Bertolo takes advantage of one of the more positive examples of modern technology, a feature that enables even people who are extremely short on finances to acquire and read new books at prices that are often even much lower than those charged for dilapidated copies of older books worth reading that are available in second-hand book stores.

“The Imminent Collapse of America” is available through Kindle, for only $3.99, and it is most definitely worth reading. It puts the decline of America and of western civilization into the fascinating perspective of the cycle of the rise and decline of civilizations due to the natural force of waxing and waning birth rates, what Angelo Bertolo calls “a vital driving force (‘elan vital’).”

Some years ago, Prof. Angelo Bertolo had send me another book along those lines, a book that I found to be so fascinating that over the years I have often recommended it and still do so now:

Copies of that essay are not available through, and I see that the web page at that contained ordering information for it is now being marked as an attack page (although it appears that no one has been affected by any malicious code originating from that page within the last 90 days, while that message has been active for at least a year). Nevertheless, if you write to Prof. Angelo Bertolo, he will without a doubt tell you where and how you can obtain copies of that essay. I am sure that he would love to hear from you.

Buy This Book (E-Book Price $3.99; Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W) Price $16.95)

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