The battle for the family — Front-line news

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The battle for the family — Front-line news

Prison » Police Were Ordered To Stand Down As London Burned

Precisely as we reported yesterday on the back of numerous eyewitness reports, it has now emerged that police were ordered to stand down and let London burn during the first few nights of rioting, an action that quickly led to a frightened public to demand troops on the streets, rubber bullets, …

Marcus Simon’s commentary in relation to the causes of the London riots makes sense. It fits something I read a long time ago. I’ll quote that in the first comment after the pointer to Marcus Simon’s commentary.

ConservativeHome’s Platform: Simon Marcus: Listen to the children

Simon founded the Boxing Academy in 2006 which is based in Tottenham and Hackney. He was also the Conservative Candidate in Barking in 2010, beating the BNP into 3rd place. Before that, Simon was involved in small business management and…

Children in Quebec

SOS Quebec – A children’s gulag. Corruption and collusion in the Quebec Youth Justice System and DPJ

In 2006 over 30,000 children were seized from Quebec families by youth authorities (DPJ), processed in secret trials, and placed in institutions or forced adoption programs. Years of secrecy and a total lack of accountability have created a culture of impunity …

Social Engineering or fostering confusion?

Harriet Harman, Lord of the Flies, fatherlessness, lone-mother households, looting by kids and adults, total breakdown of moral order, … take your pick or any combination of any and all of the causes and consequences.

UK riots 2011: Britain’s liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social value

Those of us who warned over the years that they were playing with fire were sneered at and smeared as Right-wing nutters.

People are waking up to the consequences of fatherlessness.

What lies beneath the social unrest in Britain?

A surprising range of people (from British Prime Minister David Cameron to reporters and social commentators) are all pointing at the same fundamental problems in the wake of the riots in the UK–the loss of foundational morality and self-restraint, the breakdown of the family, and fatherlessness. He….

When there are not enough men…

Armenia’s villages of women

The Armenian tradition of men going away to work in Russia is leaving whole villages almost entirely populated by women, the BBC’s Damien McGuinness reports.
A few comments about that:

It begins with men being slandered and vilified. Then they are being discriminated against and marginalized. They leave their families or shy away from wanting families and will go to where the jobs are and more security for men can be found. But that is not all.
Take a look at the consequence of socialism with respect to the life expectancies of the sexes in countries where socialism and “equal” rights for women have made the biggest advances:

Differences in the life expectancies of the sexes (2009)

Life expectancy of the sexes as per data collected in the year 2009

Mind you, Armenian men are still relatively well off. Their average lifeexpectancy (66 years) is only eight years less than that of Armenian women (74 years)
It follows that the lack of men in Armenia is not only due to many of them having gone to work in Russia, but that many of the absent men quite simply died in far greater numbers than did Armenian women. That provides women with a great advantage. It is much easier to blame dead men for the hardships that must be endured by women.
The fact that Armenian men die in much greater numbers than do Armenian women is of course not worth or smart to mention when raising sympathy for women. It is alright to say that “women’s work is never done” or “never seen”, but sacrifices made by men must *NEVER* be mentioned! We do not wish to destroy the illusion that women are the targets of society’s deliberate neglect and abuse.

Justice for judges — we need more of that.

Pa. judge gets 28 years in ‘kids for cash’ case –

Pa. judge gets 28 years in ‘kids for cash’ case…

More on the London riots:

World Blog – The sad truth behind London riot

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