Dr. Phil’s Testimony Reckless and False, insists SAVE

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Dr. Phil’s Testimony Reckless and False, insists SAVE.  The testimony by Dr. Phil was delivered during a July 13, 2011 hearing on the Violence Against Women Act held by the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Full Story)

Addendum 2018 09 04

Dr. Phil’s advice is based on moving foundation of moral and ethical standards.

Perhaps the most telling expression of the philosophy of relativism ever offered by anyone was that given by Phil McGraw of The Dr. Phil Show, a project by HARPO Productions, who also produce The Oprah Show, which, in unison with The Dr. Phil Show, constitutes  the most outstanding and enormously popular forum for the new brand of television “evangelism” via which the new religion of relativism is now being spread.

Dr. Phil contradicts himself

On his TV show Phil McGraw excoriated a couple, whose argumentative daughter rebelled because she felt under-appreciated, that they should get in tune with their daughter’s concerns, not impose on her their parental values.  He told them:

There is no reality! There are only perceptions!

— Phil McGraw, The Dr. Phil Show, 2003 11 20

That statement poses a great difficulty, namely that to perceive something that doesn’t exist is extremely difficult to do.  Perceptions are the consequence of reality.  To give perceptions recognition but to deny the reality that is their cause is a ludicrous proposition.  The next time anyone experiences a painful burn, let her try to convince herself that the pain she feels is only a figment of her imagination, nothing more than a perception, and that the reality of the stove that is the source of the heat that caused the burn doesn’t exist. 

To deny the reality of the stove would deny its usefulness.  More importantly, the self-centered focus on the perception of the pain of the burn — to the exclusion and denial of reality — would prevent the recognition of the true causes for the burn, the clumsiness and perhaps the stupidity of the individual that contracted the burn through her carelessness.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, Dr. Phil contradicts himself in another piece of advice he offers to any of his fans who should find themselves to be wrongly accused:

“Accept that there is no way you can erase what has happened. Even though the accusations may be unfair and untrue, the situation is real. You need to get out of denial about that in order to deal with it in the here and now.” — Phil McGraw, The Dr. Phil Show, (Full Story)

Woe to parents who need to cater to more than one child

In the Nov. 20, 2003 episode of the Dr. Phil Show, it seemed that for Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay, both involved in counselling the family featured on the show, it was not so important that the daughter should accept her parents’ world view, but that the girl’s parents should adjust to and tune into their daughter’s perceptions.

To their credit, Dr. Phil and his son Jay both felt that the girl had an obligation to become more polite to her parents (it’s a good idea, if you want to receive father-like attention from your dad, to call him “Dad”, not by his first name) and to learn how to curb her anger.  Still, they both appeared to feel very strongly that the parents should adjust their world view according to the one their daughter is in the process of developing, that the daughter has a right to develop her character and life according to her own wishes, largely unconstrained by parental interference, and that she has a right to expect her parents to adjust to her evolving character.

Parents need to cope with contradictory advice

Would a couple of parents be driven up the walls as they try their futile best, in good parenting style of the brave new world, to adapt to the individually, autonomously evolving characters of three or more children who each grow up according to their own desired directions and who each dictate to their parents how they wish to be catered to?  Maybe the parents will be able to escape that particular reality by fleeing into schizophrenia, the ultimate subjective “reality” of perceptions and denial of reality.

Still, the Dr. Phil Show now and then covers topics relating to family matters that hit home.

Parent Trap, on Dr. Phil — Why not Father Trap?

This is the TV show you’ve been waiting for, Parent Trap, on Dr. Phil.

Of course, there is a bit of a problem right off the bat with that show, because it is called “Parent Trap”, not “Father Trap”. However, that does not matter much, because paternity fraud is now on the map, and soon you will perhaps even see it on Oprah…. (Full story)

SAVE had praise for the Dr. Phil Show, as described in this:

Thank Dr. Phil for Angry Women, Scared Husbands

SAVE urges: Thank Dr. Phil for Angry Women, Scared Husbands — It is puzzling why Teri C. Stoddard from SAVE insists that we should thank Dr.Phil for running a show on domestic violence against men when that show derives entertainment value by showing battered men as whining idiots and demeans them.

Thank Dr. Phil for “Angry Women, Scared Husbands”

More at the source of the dads&things blog posting from where the quote stems

Just two month later, SAVE had another take on Dr. Phil:

Dr. Phil’s Testimony was “Reckless and False,” Group Charges

A July 25, 2011 press release by SAVE puts “Dr. Phil” into a totally different light: Dr. Phil’s Testimony was “Reckless and False,” Group Charges.

“Dr. Phil’s” testimony was delivered during a July 13, 2011 hearing on the Violence Against Women Act held by the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Full Story)

I rarely watch the Dr. Phil Show anymore.  Over the years it became more sophisticated, a sophisticated version of the Jerry Springer Show.  If sleaze and moral turpitude were potatoes, while the Jerry Springer Show presents them raw, the Dr. Phil Show presents them boiled.

Neither show promotes absolute moral or ethical standards that people and family members must live up to.  Both shows expose the failures of individuals who fail to live up to the demands of undefined politically correct standards for living in society.  Both shows are obviously money makers, driven by the principle, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

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