Dr. Warren Farrell: Making a $50 Contribution

Last updated 2019 04 25

Dr. Warren Farrell: Making a $50 Contribution

I was a bit late with opening my e-mail, but I got a pleasant surprise when I did, a message from Dr. Warren Farrell.  It turned out to be something different, an offer of $5 for  every one of ten names and e-mail addresses of purchasers of one of his books.


Dear Fathers for Life,

As you know, I’ve listed you on my web site for years to let people who know of me also know of you.

Father and Child Reunion has just become available as an e-book via Amazon’s Kindle. I’ve been touched to hear from many of the thousands of dads who were inspired by Father and Child Reunion to fight for their child’s right to their dad. I am sure you have helped many of these dads and their children. I’m pleased with the book’s availability as an e-book, since many dads are more comfortable reading e-books than wandering through book stores’ self-help sections!

To jump start the book’s availability as an e-book and simultaneously celebrate Father’s Day, I will make a contribution of $50 to your organization if ten or more people from your organization purchase it for $9.99 any day in June. In essence, I will be giving you $5–or half the book’s price–for each of the ten e-books purchased.

The only thing I will need from you is the name, city and email address of the ten people who have told you that they have made a purchase.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how things are going for your group; feel free to send me an email so we can catch up.


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