Sex Education – Is it what it should be?

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Sex Education – Is it what it should be? In the late 1990s I received for whatever reasons a lot of questions from people who wrote in to get answers that sex-education in school and by various bureaucracies was and had been misleading them on.

In some cases, the misleading was obviously caused by ignorance, but in others, and especially when it was done by government officials high on the ladder, it was hard to avoid the impression that it was done deliberately. I have no idea why anyone would want to go out of their way to mislead, for example, kids in school about things that are matters of life and death, for the sake of indoctrinating children already at an early age to pursue sexual freedom.

At any rate, I had so many of those requests for information and there was so much misleading information out there, that eventually I posted an article on sex-education to help clear up some of the confusion for students as well as their parents.

The web page was quite popular for a while (as many as 80 page hits a day in 2007 — the first year for which I have usage data for that web page) but it is no longer being looked up very often (only about four times a day). I guess that kids either do not care much about sex anymore or that perhaps, thanks to our feminist governments, they now know all they are supposed to know about sex.

However, it does not surprise me that we now have an epidemic of STDs. Perhaps our governments feel that, ideally, a healthy nation is one in which no one is married, everyone is promiscuous, and everyone has one or more STDs. (More)

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