My wife was sweet and demure

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Mail Online

My wife was sweet and demure – then the fashion industry made her a monster

By Zoe Brennan
Last updated at 11:48 AM on 17th April 2011

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Quotes from the article, with comments by Dads&Things:

‘When I met my wife, she was sweet and demure. I believe she’s become egotistical and self-centred. The fashion world has turned her into something of a monster.’

"My wife was sweet and demure" – Ujjwala Raut's ex-husband

Ujjwala Raut
“Sweet and demure”

If I read this right, she was already a model, when she decided to have him for a husband, whereupon she could legally and without complications use him as a sperm donor — quite possibly on the advice of her handlers or her peers in the modelling industry.  Without a doubt, having a child is an asset for a model.  That sort of asset does not peter out as fast as her looks will.

Her campaigns have included Ungaro, Cavalli, Gucci and Paul Smith.

Those were not her campaigns.  They were campaigns designed and launched by advertising agencies that used her modelling agencies to supply a key ingredient for successful advertising, namely the image of Ujjwala Raut.

‘It has broken my heart to be apart from my daughter.’

Welcome to the world of the expunged fathers.  There are hundreds of millions of them.  If misery seeks company, he’s got more than enough of it now.

She, …has accused him of threatening behaviour.

Allegations of violent behaviour are standard fare in such cases.  He should consider himself lucky that as of now she has not accused him of sexually abusing his daughter. As far as false allegations are concerned, child-sexual-abuse allegations are the ultimate silver bullet, because they always get their man.

He blames the fashion world for turning his wife’s head…

That is an unjustified allegation, no matter how correct it may seem.  He, having been a part of that world, should know better.  She sold her soul the moment she decided to become a model.  He had rocks in his head for falling for her.

Sterry states that he still loves his wife. ‘If she said, “I made a mistake,” I would accept her back, even though she has done some really nasty things.’

Of course he would.  That is how men are made.  That is how they get suckered, time and again.

“Wrong” is relative

‘Her judgements have been wrong, but she is not inherently bad.’

Of course she is not inherently bad, no more so than a gun is, not until it is aimed and someone pulls its trigger.  “Wrong” is a relative concept, flexible, and always relates to someone’s standards.  From her perspective, everything she has done works out well and produces the desired results.  Don’t knock success.

For her part, Ujjwala has flatly denied both her husband’s claims of assault and the allegation that she has influenced the deportation proceedings in an improper way.
She has said: ‘If Maxwell is alleging abuse and intimidation, why is he not resorting to court procedures, which is how things should be?
‘This matter is sub judice [before a court, not yet judicially decided]. I don’t wish to comment on it. When the time comes, I myself will make an announcement.’

Smart move on her part.  He should have had advice like that a long time ago and followed it.  He should not have publicly commented on the collapse of his marriage, because what he told the Mail Online is more than enough to allow them to have constructed a long article.  Moreover, even though he is most likely correct with every one of his observations, everything he said can and will be used against him in the courts.

He should now concentrate on what he will do during the rest of his life to be able to cope with the handicap of having to pay his daughter’s mother for a child he will most likely never get to see anymore, commensurate with helping to support the life-style his soon-to-be-ex has become accustomed to.

That he once thought that once-upon-a-time his wife was sweet and demure will no longer be a great concern for the poor man.

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  1. Wherever there are feminists, they seek advantages for women, at the expense of men and children, not equality, even and especially in India.

    IBN Live, 24 October 2010, “Domestic Violence Act being misused”

    Videos of Father’s day Protest in Bangalore, India, By Anil Kumar , Tue, 22 Jun 2010

    Redfems take control of political landscape in India

    “Indian men want a “men’s ministry””, The Age (Melbourne), 24 December 2007
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    “Indian Women Assault Innocent Men – and Police Congratulate them”

    Going to sleep with a hornet nest for a pillow may be as comforting as marrying a member of a socialist-feminist regime. You may be equally likely to be seen as a threat and be likely to regret it for the rest of your life, how-ever short that may turn out to be. How about this one?

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