Your god does not exist

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Your god does not exist, asserts Rose.  After making the preceding post on “Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring“, it seemed that it would be the right time to post the following exchange that took place between Rose Noho and me just a few days ago.  After all this time, I doubt it that Rose will respond.

Hello Rose,

Oh my, such hatred!  I wonder what made you feel that way, but you should put your brain in gear before putting your mouth or fingers into motion, and never carry things so far that you go flying off the handle.

By the way, you are only the second individual in all of the years of the existence of Fathers for Life and in tens of thousands of email messages we received who openly stated that a web page on our website contains lies.

Still, if you wish to bring other people onto your side, you could have a better start by providing facts, not fiction.

On 08/03/2011 6:41 PM, Rose Noho wrote:

Re: Lies on your site

Let’s look at this!

“Individual Rights — Subordinated to God & Society,  Obligated to Others “

Your god does not exist.

And the proof for that is?

“Individual Rights — Based on Entitlement,  Subordinated to No-one,  Obligated to No-one”

I’m very liberal, and feel obligated to others, and I don’t even have to believe in a fictional sky daddy to feel that way.

Good for you, but your obligations do not extend to keeping your hatred to yourself. Right?

 “Life is Sacred from Conception”

Spare me. What about the KKK lynchings? Guess blacks and Jews don’t count as “life”, huh?

What does the KKK have to do with religion?  How many lynchings were there, and why do you imply that those were worse than 55 million abortions a year, world-wide?  Moreover, Jews do not and never had a monopoly on victimhood.  That distinction is reserved for the largest visible minority, men. (See The Male Sacrificial Premium)

“Life is not Sacred (55 million abortions/year); Increasing Demand for Euthanasia and for Assisted Suicide”

People should not be forced to suffer. We treat our pets better than our terminally sick and elderly.

Right. People should be given every chance that is rightfully theirs to alleviate pain and avoid having to suffer. I am glad that we agree on one issue, so far.  However, could you be a little more clear?  Do you feel that it is necessary to kill people for their own good and that that would be the right thing to do?

The good thing about how I feel about the right to life is that I can justify everything I believe in by accepting that man is the crown of creation.  What is your excuse for living?

“Love is a Must, Hate is Contemptible”

Oh, spare me.  Guess that whole Inquisition thing was made up.

Yes, the true mark of a liberal, judging the past by today’s standards.  Aside from that, here are some of the numbers:

Much is being made out of the excesses of some members of the Christian religion during the middle ages.  The Spanish Inquisition is often cited as an example of Christianity and religions being bad for humanity.  About 60,000 people were prosecuted during the Spanish Inquisition.  That amounts to an average of 168 people per year during the 358 years of the duration of the Spanish Inquisition.  On average, about six people a year were executed. Thousands of “witches” were burned at the stake.  Some of them were women, but most of them were men.  That must be measured against other excesses of mankind….(Full Story)

Rose continues:

“Absolute Truth and Objective Reality (If the law says, “don’t do it,” don’t)”

That evil Rosa Parks, not obeying the law!

What is your point?

And you religious people talk about how morals are declining. Well, tell me when they were better and why. No vague babble.

You make a start.  It is your obligation.  Tell me when they were worse and why.

When the Natives were slaughtered and their land stolen? (So much for life being sacred, huh?)

Where there was slavery?

When German and Japanese Americans were taken from their homes and put into concentration camps?

Come on, tell me, when were these “good ol’ days”?

Well, you’ve got to admit that our concentration camps were better than theirs.  The mortality rate in ours was not as high, by far.  Moreover, you must not forget the concentration camps that were by far the deadliest, the soviet concentration camps, although no self-respecting liberal ever mentions those.  That is because they were not a manifestation of a god-fearing society but of a liberal, atheistic one.

However, where in the page that got you so riled up does it state anything about “these good ol’ days”?  Could you point it out?  I would not want to have anything in there that is misleading.

Do you feel guilty for living on land stolen from the natives?  What keeps you from giving your share back to them?

You might be right, and some people need to be brainwashed into believing absurd Bronze Age myths in order to be “good”. But some people are smart, and don’t have to believe that nonsense in order to live good lives, and be good to others.

So, why do you want me to believe that anything that promotes moral incentives in the form of a religion is nonsense?  After all, liberalism is just another religion (ideology, religion… all the same), and so is atheism.

I cooperate with others, help others, and I don’t have to believe in some vengeful sky daddy in order to do so.

Okay.  Too bad for you, though.  With you not being a member of any religious denomination, you will have to forego being canonized.  In the meantime, do you feel that TV is a reasonable substitute for the Bible, and that the daily horoscope in the newspaper serves better than the Psalms to bring about your salvation?

Your alleged liberal tolerance does not prevent you from railing against those who believe in something that you call “absurd Bronze Age myths”.  That is not liberal tolerance, it is hypocrisy.

Now that we both have had our fun with trying to get under the skin of the other, you may wish to have a good look at The Socialist Phenomenon and tell me which of the facts in mankind’s search for Utopia presented by Igor Shafarevich are wrong and with which of the opinions in the Foreword by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn you disagree.

I look forward to reading your response and showing it to others.  Do your best.  It seems that the first round went to me.  It would not look good for you to concede after the opening of Round 2 and to throw in the towel. (Maybe you need to find help before you carry on?)


Walter Schneider

#Religion #TheNewWorldOrder

Whatever versions of liberalized religions, are any of them good substitutes?

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