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Politics 101 — Your elected representatives can help you.  They can refer you to good sources of help.

On 01/03/2011 8:45 PM, [name omitted] wrote:

Many thanks for your information. I have contacted my [elected representative] (a woman. . . lol) so I’ll let you know what transpires. Thanks again….

Let’s hope that she can do something for you.  Chances are better than 50:50 in your favour that she will.  After all, you are a potential vote for her.  The more shaky her position, the more likely it is that she will help you.  On the other hand, civil servants are not bothered by such considerations.  They can use their positions to further their pet-ideologies with impunity, provided they toe the party-line of their respective organizations or departments.  It follows that real political power resides in government bureaucracies, not with our elected representatives.

There is nothing wrong with a woman being your representative, as such.  Being a woman does not necessarily mean that she is a feminist or unwilling to help you.

The reality is that being a feminist is a condition that is independent of sex.  Moreover, the pro-feminist bias in individuals produces somewhat more male than female feminists.  For many men who are feminists, being feminists gives them the illusion that their affliction earns them more respect in the opinions of women whom they wish to impress.  That works well for the women who can be impressed.

On the other hand, women generally feel that they do not need to impress men (but, generally, women most definitely have a great need to impress other women).  They are more practical than that.

For many truly honest women, wanting to be feminists poses a great dilemma. They know full-well that being feminists implies the obligation to be fully equal to men.  That means, that to be able to reach full equality, they would have to give up too many of the advantages that feminism provided them with.  However, most being extremely practical, virtually all women – feminist or not – are very reluctant to forgo any of those advantages.

Let there be no mistake.  Those tendencies are ingrained and have been re-enforced through selective breeding throughout evolution.  Feminism is older than civilization and predates the advent of humanity.  For instance, you can observe feminist tactics in action when watching the movies that anthropologists have made of the social interactions in the daily lives of troupes of chimpanzees.

It would not be wise to discuss any of those observations with [elected representatives].  🙂

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