PAS and the vilification of fathers

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Nila M. Fordyce wrote about PAS and the vilification of fathers, on 2011 02 21:

I finished reading your report on the Internet about PAS and found, from my experiences and research on the above, [it is] fairly on-line – as far as the descriptions go. However, I truly believe the best way to eliminate a lot of this problem – especially in California, is to get a task force to go in and get rid of all the bad evaluators and judges. I am so sick and tired of the wrong doing and biases against fathers. It’s absolutely egregious to the relationships they have with their beloved children. They all just assume all fathers are bad!
And this is so far from the truth! I am 62 years old brought up in an upper middle – class family and surroundings – never new but maybe one unfortunate incident. My DAD was my hero and he still is at 87. I had a closer relationship with him, than I did my mother.
He listened, and my mother did not. I can’t imagine growing up with out a father. I watch the younger set around me now, and it’s the same way! Fathers play an extremely vital role in the growth of a child. And the Evaluators and Judges destroy that chance for our children. This is found especially in Move Away Cases. Most States do not allow this to happen, but in Los Angeles, Ca. they sure do.
These are horrific laws to begin with, and the sad thing, nobody cares what is in the best interest of the child, nor do they even no the correct way to handle it in the evaluations or courts. And sorry to say, it’s usually your narcissistic mothers with no strong or centered family values. Again, I am talking about very good fathers here, that are getting crucified by these people. But everyone is getting their pockets full!! As I have found out from various professional sources and experience there are alot of very bad evaluators, Psychologists, attorneys, Judges, and mothers (that Lie, they all do) out there that are fracturing the lives of children and the parent left behind. This is irreparable, and needs to Stop!!!!!! My Dad (a Doctor), told me many years ago, that just because someone has a Professional title or Doctor in front of their name, does not mean they are good at what they do. And just because a mother is a mother does not mean she is the better parent and deserves full custody of a child.
Please help to rid of the BAD PEOPLE.
Thank you for Listening.
Nila M. Fordyce

A great “Thank You!” for that to Nila.  That is all true, but for as long as professionals can make more money from the existence of PAS than from preventing it, little help can be expected from them.

It is easier and more profitable to apply Band Aids and to let such a massive problem persist than to eradicate it once and for all.  However, it is not the divorce industry, its judges and its adjuncts, such as psychologists, court-appointed evaluators and so on that control things in that respect.  The people that are most affected by the vilification of men and fathers are those fathers and their children.  It is up to them and their wives and mothers to find ways by which the divorce industry can be starved out of existence.


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  1. Nila Fordyce responded:

    Thank you so much for posting my email response. However, I tried to respond to whoever made a comment below this and I could not get back into reply. Right or wrong, I will try this way.

    You can’t just lie down and play dead with these bad professionals (so called), don’t let them get the best of you. So, maybe I did not make myself clear before. You have to start from the top, go to the legislatures, the Governor! And still continue on the local levels.

    If they have enough complaints, they will soon get the big picture. Thank you for listening.


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