A VERY modern wedding — Sex-swap man weds lesbian

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A VERY modern wedding: Sex-swap ex-fireman weds a lesbian Jamaican 30 years younger than her (and it’s the fourth time she’s tied the knot)

By Andy Dolan
Last updated at 12:26 AM on 12th February 2011

In this day and age, when a thrice-married former fireman who has become a woman meets a Jamaican lesbian chef online there can only be one outcome – wedding bells!

Or, rather, civil partnership bells.

This is 66-year-old Kerry Whybrow, dressed in a full-length custom-made lilac dress, tying the knot for the first time as a woman three years after undergoing a sex change on the NHS.

Will this work out?

Former farmer Kerry Whybrow, 66, from King’s Lynn, at her civil partnership ceremony to Alcia Evans but was previously married and divorced three times before while still living as a man.

Her partner is Alcia Evans, a mother of one and almost 30 years her junior, who met Miss Whybrow through an international dating website.

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Addendum 2018 09 05

Commited relationships last about one year between gay men, one-and-a-half years between lesbians, and about five years for heterosexual couples.

Comparable statistics are hard to come by for marriages between transgendered men and lesbians, but let’s hope for the best.

If one believes the experts, a transgender transition strengthens committed relationships’

“Not too long ago, a transgender transition was believed to be a death knell for a relationship. That is no longer true, as more and more courageous couples navigate this life stressor effectively and work through the issues involved to further develop and strengthen their committed relationships.”

Couple Relationships of Transgender Individuals and their Partners:
A 2017 Update
End of concluding paragraph

However, in this case the transgender transitioning of one partner took place before the relationship was a committed one.

We are entering interesting times

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