Women sexual predators

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With so many women sexual predators, are your children safe at school?

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The big list: Female teachers with students

Most comprehensive account on Internet of women predators on campus

Posted: January 25, 2011
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Here is a list of the teacher ‘sexpidemic’ cases WND has documented where female teachers have been accused, or convicted, of assaulting students:  (Read full story)

Addendum 2018 09 06

When it was still politically incorrect to question the myth of female innocence, some feminists nevertheless argued for female liberation in that sector of the moral universe.  Their arguments were not as much intended to promote the moral turpitude of women nor that transgression were deplorable, as that they aimed to make it known that women were as human as are men, as likely to err, and that society had to accept it as the norm that women err.  Not only that, they argued that we may as well get to like it.

Going After Children

Homosexual activist groups around the world are working to lower or abolish age of consent laws in order to “liberate” children from the constraints of a patriarchal society.

Kate Millett, a radical feminist and Marxist theoretician, described this philosophy in an interview first published in “Loving Boys” in 1980. It was later reprinted in The Age Taboo, published by Alyson Publishers, a homosexual publishing house in Boston.

Millett claims, “[O]ne of children’s essential rights is to express themselves sexually, probably primarily with each other but with adults as well. So the sexual freedom of children is an important part of a sexual revolution.” Millett says the sexual revolution begins with the emancipation of women and also includes ending homosexual oppression.

The Incest taboo has always been one of the cornerstones of patriarchal thought.   …We have to have an emancipation proclamation for children.

—Kate Millett, radical feminist and Marxist theoretician

Pat Califia is an American advocate of total sexual “freedom.” She is a self-proclaimed lesbian sexual radical who has written extensively on the importance of “liberating” children from sexual oppression.

Her book, Public Sex, contains two essays on age of consent laws, “The Age of Consent: The Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of ’77” and “The Aftermath of the Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of ’77.” Califia argues that all age of consent laws should be abolished and supports NAMBLA’s [North American Man/Boy Love Association —WHS] efforts to legalize adult/child sex. Califia is a columnist for The Advocate, a “mainstream” homosexual magazine.

I could never understand before how children’s hockey differed from an organized child-sex ring. Both involved children and adults. …Both involve pleasure. Yet we approve of children’s hockey but deplore child-sex rings.

—Gerald Hannon, at the time a journalism teacher
at Ryerson Polytechnical University in Toronto
(quoted on page 5,
Source: Joe Woodard, “Victims at Last,”
Alberta Report/Western Report, June 12, 1995, p. 28.)

Pat Califia deserves to have the last word on that, given that decades ago she speculated in an article posted on the “Butterfly Kisses” site that,

“It is possible that sexual activity occurs more often between mothers and children or other women than between men and children. Women have more access to kids, and there are fewer taboos surrounding women’s handling young people’s bodies.”

Website celebrates sex between adult women, young girls
Published: 07/22/2002

Those views, then, caused great raising of eyebrows, but now, more than two decades later, it has become normal in the mainstream media to accept that there truly are women sexual predators.  Not all women are sexual predators, of course, most are not, just as only a few men are sexual predators, and most men are not.

The relative propensities of the sexes to err are still a matter of conjecture.  It will be quite some time before we can know accurately to what extent women and men are equally human and equally likely to err in the field of sexual predation.  Still, the mainstream media does occupy itself now and then with the topic of women sexual predators, and women offenders appear to be increasingly more often brought to trial.  That seems to prove Pat Califia right.


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  1. See also this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1393381/Alabama-teacher-jailed-15-years-having-oral-sex-pupils-car.html

    That web page contains cases of women sexual predators not covered by the “big list” at WND.

  2. The “big list” at WND is being updated frequently, but it is not all-inclusive. Additional cases of women sexual predators are covered, for instance, at this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1393381/Alabama-teacher-jailed-15-years-having-oral-sex-pupils-car.html

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