U.K.: Shout at spouse, lose the house

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“Shout at spouse, lose the house.” If you are a man and are married, live with a spouse or contemplate marriage, you better have a good look at this ruling by the British High Court.

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British High Court Expands ‘Domestic Violence’ to Include Shouting and Criticizing

January 27th, 2011 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

It’s hard to overstate the reach of the British Supreme Court’s ruling in this case (Daily Mail, 1/27/11).  It was decided on Thursday and from that date all aspects of domestic violence law have been completely changed….

Seventh, let no one be deceived into believing that this ruling will be applied in a gender-neutral way.  Domestic violence law hasn’t been to date and this ruling will be more of the same.  For over four decades, men and fathers have been demonized in law, education and popular culture.  The result is that, when women bring a claim of domestic violence, they are often believed whether they back up their claims with objective evidence or not.  Men, having been demonized, get no such privilege.  So the consequences of this ruling will be sexist, overwhelmingly used by women at the expense of men.

Don’t believe me?  Just look at the photo in the linked-to article.  Who’s depicted shouting?….(Full Story)

h/t Roger Eldridge

Robert Franklin concludes his article by stating, “If Parliament fails to immediately correct this travesty of ‘justice’, the consequences to British society will be incalculable.”

That, of course, will not happen, therefore the damage will be incalculable.  If you wonder why that is so, then you are part of the problem.

At any rate, the article describes nothing other than feminist jurisprudence in action.  Feminist jurisprudence is driven by misandry and enables women to commit violence by proxy without having to soil their hands and without having to exert themselves in any other fashion.

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