Men’s activism — Men’s power

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Knowledge is power, with Men’s activism — Men’s power.  A lot of mail comes my way each day.  In many of my responses I recommend to read certain books.  The reason why I do that is because I get the impression that those to whom I recommend those books don’t have a clue that they exist.

About ten years ago or even earlier, that was hardly ever necessary.  Men’s rights activists, then, knew the authors whose books I must now point to because many of today’s activists need to be told about those books , that they need to be read and learned from.

I don’t know why that is, although we could all speculate a lot about how anyone can possibly know much about men’s rights activism without knowing the basics of what to be active about.  Here (in no particular order) are links to information on some books that are essential reading for anyone who is or claims to be a men’s rights activist:

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