Psych studies ordered for jailed homeschooling dad

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Psych studies ordered for jailed homeschooling dad

Just wanted to spend time with state-napped son

Posted: January 01, 2011
10:40 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
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Psych studies ordered for jailed homeschooling dad who, in violation of the procedures of the government-run social services that instructed police officers to abduct his then-7-year-old son because he was being homeschooled, took him home for a visit….(Full Story)
The more things change, the more they are the same.  “Psychological studies or evaluations” is what the prisoners of the KGB in the Lubyanka were being subjected to.  The government held those prisoners for “psychological examinations and treatment”, not that they were being detained for any crimes that they had committed.  If the prisoners had committed any crime, it was then as now most likely that they were not thinking and acting along politically-correct outlines, such as that they insisted upon their individual rights and freedoms.

The government in Nazi-Germany was not quite so sophisticated or fortunate in its choice of reasons for the detention of citizens whom it considered enemies of the state.  The Germans used the device called “protective custody”, to “protect its political prisoners against harm” from sources other than the government, I guess — harm by the government being quite as alright then in Germany as it is now in Sweden.

So, just to jog my memory and to bring it into line with the program, how is the present totalitarian system in Sweden an improvement over what was in place in the USSR and in Nazi Germany to circumvent and abrogate anyone’s civil rights then?

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