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Wrongful rape-convictions

This concerns wrongful rape-convictions.  I don’t know what is going on, but it seems to me that these cases were not being reported in the US mainstream media, quite possibly because they are an embarrassment. MailOnline Jan. 30, 2011 Convicted rapist allowed to walk after DNA tests cast doubt on case… after serving all but five months of 25 YEAR sentence ….Sims, who missed the death of his mother as he was in prison, will have to register as a sex offender and is not eligible for any services or funds that the state gives to the wrongly convicted….Full Story) You think that things cannot get any worse than that … Continue reading

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Link between vaccines and miscarriages

Concerning the possibility of a link between vaccines and miscarriages, it looks like anyone concerned about whether certain vaccines pose a greater risk to individuals than the diseases they are to prevent may have good reasons for being apprehensive. H1N1 Miscarriages: Hundreds of women claim miscarriage after taking vaccine, December 2nd, 2009 6:44 pm ET Continue reading on H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages, Wednesday, December 08, 2010 Continue reading at Natural News However, that is not all.  H1N1 vaccinations do not pose the largest risks. MedAlerts Blog, October 2010 …the H1N1 Flu vaccine has appeared in miscarriage events more often than almost any other vaccine. … Continue reading

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Men’s activism — Men’s power

Knowledge is power, with Men’s activism — Men’s power.  A lot of mail comes my way each day.  In many of my responses I recommend to read certain books.  The reason why I do that is because I get the impression that those to whom I recommend those books don’t have a clue that they exist. About ten years ago or even earlier, that was hardly ever necessary.  Men’s rights activists, then, knew the authors whose books I must now point to because many of today’s activists need to be told about those books , that they need to be read and learned from. I don’t know why that is, … Continue reading

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Texan declared innocent after 30 years in prison

Texan declared innocent after 30 years in prison. The Innocence Project helped to exonerate him and other convicted but innocent prisoners, some of them after they had been sentenced to death.  Is it reasonable that all or virtually all of them were men?; Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011 By JEFF CARLTON The Associated Press DALLAS — A Texas man declared innocent Tuesday after 30 years in prison had at least two chances to make parole and be set free — if only he would admit he was a sex offender. But Cornelius Dupree Jr. refused to do so, doggedly maintaining his innocence in a 1979 rape and robbery, in the … Continue reading

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Psych studies ordered for jailed homeschooling dad

WND Exclusive NEWS OUTRAGE! Psych studies ordered for jailed homeschooling dad Just wanted to spend time with state-napped son Posted: January 01, 2011 10:40 pm Eastern By Bob Unruh © 2011 WorldNetDaily Unspecified psychological studies or evaluations have been ordered for a jailed father who, in violation of the procedures of the government-run social services that instructed police officers to abduct his then-7-year-old son because he was being homeschooled, took him home for a visit….(Full Story) ______________ The more things change, the more they are the same.  “Psychological studies or evaluations” is what the prisoners of the KGB in the Lubyanka were being subjected to.  The government held those prisoners … Continue reading

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