She does the crime, he does the time

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She does the crime, he does the time, at least that was the intention of Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Sydney Turner.

Sidney Morning Herald
December 28, 2010 – 8:58AM

Husband charged after discovering wife’s affair by reading her emails on shared computer

A US man who says he learned of his wife’s affair by reading her e-mail on their computer faces trial on felony computer misuse charges.

Leon Walker, 33, of Michigan, used his wife’s password to get into her Gmail account. Clara Walker filed for a divorce, which was granted this month….(Full Story)

There was more in that case:

(CBS/WWJ/AP) Leon Walker, a Michigan man facing felony charges for allegedly hacking into his estranged wife’s computer to access her e-mails, has had his trial postponed to give his lawyers more time to prepare their case.

Walker, of Rochester Hills, is accused under a state hacking law of reading then-wife Clara Walker’s e-mail on a laptop in their home in 2009.

The trial was originally slated to begin this month. Instead, it was rescheduled for April 11, in Oakland County Circuit Court in   Pontiac.

Walker, an information technology worker, faces up to five years in prison for violating an Internet computer misuse law which was designed to protect the stealing of trade secrets and identities….Read more

On December 27, in an unpublished decision, 2011 the Michigan Court of Appeals decided a case involving Leon Walker’s unauthorized access of his wife Clara Walker’s password-protected email account. Leon Walker does (or did) work for the Oakland County Information Technology Department maintaining and setting up computers. Following the preliminary hearing, the district court bound Leon over on two charges, one a violation of MCL 752.795, which prohibits fraudulent access to computers, computer systems, computer programs, and computer networks.

The district court found that Clara did not share her computer password with defendant, and defendant did not ask Clara for her information. The trial court said: “Gmail allows a user to create a password which creates an expectation of privacy and creates security for the user. It’s the user that decides who can have access to the information inside of the computer account, which in this case is like a vault.”

The court found that although the defendant could touch the computer hardware, “he can’t get access to what’s inside the computer unless he has permission.” Finding that Leon Walker had not obtained permission, the court found probable cause that during the relevant time frame “Mr. Walker without valid authorization did acquire information involving the Google Gmail computer system and he did it without the permission of the password holder and the account holder contrary to MCL 752.795.”     Leon was bound over after the preliminary hearing. He was charged with two felonies. One involved unauthorized use of a county database; the other involved allegations of unauthorized access to the Gmail account of his estranged wife, Clara Elizabeth Walker, from July 2009 through August 2009….Read more

PONTIAC (WWJ/AP) – Prosecutors dropped all charges against a man accused of violating Michigan’s computer hacking law in 2010 by reading his then-wife’s email to confirm suspicions she was having an affair with a previous husband. He then tried to use that information in divorce proceedings.

Last week, Oakland County authorities dropped a five-year felony hacking charge against Leon Walker after Clara Walker acknowledged she herself read text messages on her husband’s phone during the same time period….Read more

That was a close one.

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    Is Hacking Your Spouse’s E-Mail Truly a Crime?
    By Debra J. Saunders

    Michigan prosecutor Jessica R. Cooper’s bio boasts that she is a “pioneer in the world of women in the law.” As it turns out, she is a pioneer in the world of busybodies in the law as well. Cooper is the Oakland County prosecutor who charged Leon Walker, 33, with a felony for hacking into his now ex-wife’s e-mail, as he suspected that she was having an affair….(Full Story)

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