The divorce from hell?

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The divorce from hell?

It reads more like one hell of a divorce.

…Catherine once tried to run over Larry with a van. “This is always a telltale sign that a husband and wife are drifting apart,” Judge Quinn remarked dryly.

No kidding…, but there is much more in the article.

Toronto Globe and Mail

December 16, 2010

In family court, a judge turns to ridicule to defuse the rage


A feuding couple and their ‘high-octane hatred’ prompt a highly unusual judicial roasting

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In a novel twist, Judge Quinn granted the wife, Catherine, sole custody of the feuding couple’s 13-year-old daughter. However, he ordered Larry to pay Catherine just a dollar a month in spousal support.

That appears to have been a good decision, as the daughter seems to have become alienated beyond repair against her dad.  However, although the article identifies a-dollar-a-month in spousal support for the ex-wife, nothing is mentioned about how much child support the father will have to pay for kids he no longer will be able to see.

Besides, will all of the actors in the drama have seen the last of the case?  Surely there is nothing preventing someone from launching an appeal. You want to take bets on who will launch one of those?

At any rate, you will want to watch this video:

Parental Alienation ~ Emotional Kidnapping

Listen well to what Alec Baldwin says as he is being interviewed in the third video in the series. It shows how hard it is even for men who were put through the parental-alienation grinder to get away from preconception and perhaps even all-out indoctrination about men’s paternal rights.

At minute 2:22, Alec Baldwin states that men have to earn 50:50 custody. Why would that not be true of women?

At minute 3:12 Alec Baldwin mentions that he has no respect for men who abuse women and fight for custody to gain power, out of spite and for no other reason than to hurt women. Well, why does that not cut both ways?

The point that one needs to pay attention to is that, if not even the target in a case of parental alienation feels that equal rights come into the picture when awarding equally or equitably shared parenting, then why would he expect the judges to have more objectivity than such a victimized father does?

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  1. In the article identified by the following, John Stossel has done a fairly good job of explaining the cause of Alec Baldwin’s frustration and of the mistaken public perception of dads fueling it.

    ABC News ABC News / 20/20

    April 23, 2007

    Alec Baldwin: Monster or Alienated Parent?

    Actor’s Actions Inexcusable, but Divorced Fathers Are Often Frustrated by the Courts


    People have RIGHTLY condemned Alec Baldwin for the tirade he left on his daughter’s cell phone: “Selfish Alec” “Baldwin the Thoughtless Pig” “A Mean Dialing Machine” You shouldn’t swear at an 11-year-old, no matter what, but stories I’ve done on divorce help me understand why a parent could react with that kind of frustration. Fathers often get a bad deal in the courts, often exacerbated by credulous reporting of bad studies by liberal reporters. Watch “Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity” on a special edition of “20/20” Friday, May 4, at 10 p.m. EDT

    Here’s how I covered it in my book “Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel — Why Everything You Know Is Wrong” Click here to buy the book. … Full Story 40 comments

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