Turkey: Violence against women

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Turkey: Violence against women

Bianet: News in English

feminist view of violence against womenFull Story at bianet

All of that seems to be terrible.  Without a doubt, Burçin BELGE did a good job of raising concern for women, but did she report the truth, all of the truth and nothing but the truth, or did she engage in promoting feminist propaganda?

The issues reported in the article should of course be of concern with respect to violence against women.

However, the one-sided reporting in the article should be of far greater concern.  What purpose is being served by reporting only fatal violence against women? Men and boys comprise almost one half of Turkey’s population.  Does it not deserve concern that far greater numbers of men than women are being killed through violent actions?

Turkey : Homicides (per 100 000 population)

  1. 1995: 5 684
  2. 2000: 6 663
  3. 2001: 5 839
  4. 2002: 5 683
  5. 2003: 5 308
  6. 2004: 4 986
  7. 2005: 4 971

Statistics in focus
Authors: Cynthia TAVARES, Geoffrey THOMAS
Manuscript completed on: 16.11.2007
Data extracted on: 16.11.2007
ISSN 1977-0316
Catalogue number: KS-SF-07-015-EN-N
© European Communities, 2007
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According to the CIA World Fact Book, Turkey has an estimated population of 77,804,122 (July 2010 est.) 79 times 4.971 works out to about 392 murders per year.

According to the article in bianet, 199 women were killed by men in 2010.  It is not clear from either the article in bianet or from other statistics I could find whether all of those women killed fall into the category of manslaughter or murder, but some figures I found indicate that Turkey has 2,175 manslaughters a year.

The total number of homicides of men and women in Turkey is therefore most likely in the order of about 2,560.  Of those homicides, 199, one out of every 13 homicides, were women killed by men.  That leaves the conclusion that 12 times as many victims of homicides were children and men killed by women and men.  I wonder how many of those other 92.2 percent of homicides in Turkey were committed by women, if we really need to know that?  After all, the victims of those homicides are dead one way or another.

Given that Burçin BELGE is much closer to reliable sources of information on that than anyone here at the opposite side of the globe is, I sent her a link of this blog posting.  Maybe that will encourage her to do a little better and do some investigating instead of just sloppy journalism and engaging in feminist advocacy — all for the sake of truth, objectivity and justice for all victims of violence.

Perhaps there is some confusion about the differences between homicide, manslaughter and murder in Turkey, but Burçin BELGE can set things straight and explain why there appears to be so much confusion in the “official” statistics and why those statistics available on the Internet do not put her journalistic skills and efforts into the best light.

After all, when all is said and done, the murderers of men, and perhaps of children, too, are from all ages and social groups.

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