Of weeping Madonnas

The world will never run out of reports of weeping Madonnas.

Edmonton Journal
Dec. 2, 2010, page A8

Busloads drawn to ‘weeping’ Madonna

Windsor’s famous “weeping” Virgin Mary statue may be safely ensconced in a local church, but its hordes of faithful admirers are showing few signs of abating.

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Re-incarnations, weeping virgins, it’s all the same…

The Journal article does not explain why the Windsor Madonna sheds oily, healing tears. There could be a number of reasons that make a virgin weep, but this is not the place to explore any of them.

The Internet provides access to a number of explanations for the Windsor ‘weeping’ Madonna.  You take your pick.  They are like cars.  All are good when put into motion the first time.

Here is a story about Madonnas and tears of olive oil.  Would that be virgin oil?

Virgins cry tears of common olive oil

Debunkers uncover holy hucksters who prey on faithful with a host of scams and tricks

A church leader who smeared his own blood on a sculpture, an icon that cried tears of vegetable oil — these are just two of many embarrassing debunkings of supposedly supernatural religious icons.

Yet stories of miraculous bleeding and weeping Virgin Mary statues continue, and the faithful continue to flock to them.

“I suspect that in many of those cases, the same thing happens as is happening in Windsor,” said James Olson, a professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario….

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Does it really take a psychology professor to provide an explanation that has been around for as long as there have been hucksters?  That leaves a word of advice to those who love to buy into stories about re-incarnations and weeping Madonnas: “There’s a sucker born every minute, but that’s no reason to be a reborn sucker.” (That piece of good advice comes from a usually reliable source, Snopes.)

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