Indian Women Assault Men — Police Congratulate

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Indian Women Assault Men — Police Congratulate • It’s all intended, for the sake of equal rights, to smooth over the bad experiences of the daily commute, for women only.

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Indian Women Assault Innocent Men — and Police Congratulate them

A GROUP of male passengers travelling in a female-only carriage on New Delhi’s new metro system were ordered to do sit-ups on the platform by the furious women, according to reports….(Full Story)

Addendum 2018 09 15

The image in that archived article is no longer accessible. This YouTube video will have to serve instead to illustrate the practice:

Women routinely ride in subway cars designated for men, why not the converse? Well, sit-ups for men who dare!

Women routinely ride in subway cars designated for men, why not the converse?
Well, sit-ups for men who dare!

India has introduced a number of women-only trains in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Chennai. The brightly-coloured coaches were widely seen as a big hit. When the trains stop, male inspectors guide men away from the carriage doors. If any don’t comply, they’re forced to pay a fine and can be taken to a police station.

In 2010, a group of angry women took matters into their own hands and forced men using the carriages to do sit-ups as punishment.

It has even sparked a women-only cab service in Delhi, and inspired the city to hire its first ever female bus driver in a bid to boost women’s safety. It’s an issue at the forefront of gender relations in India, following the gang rape and death of a student on a bus, in New Delhi in 2012.


This BBC article describes the Joy of India’s women-only trains and concludes:


Inside the train, however, women are enjoying themselves.

I join a group of young women chatting and laughing. One woman shows off her shopping, another tears opens a packet of crisps which is shared with friends.

In India’s traditionally male-dominated, conservative north, the absence of men is quite liberating for the young women.

Management student Charu Dua says she is happy that men have been banished from the train and that she can travel to college and back home without a care in the world.

“We can laugh, we can sit where we want, we can do whatever we want, we feel free. We can sing a song, as loud as we want,” she says.


One would expect nothing other than to have the BBC describe an experience that discriminates against men in a country with one of the lowest incidence rates of rape in the world in glowing colours and as a liberating.  Reality, however, is more mundane.  Women-only carriages do not liberate women from being pushed, grabbed or shoved, but it is perhaps liberating when women do it?

Women-only carriages are liberating?

Women-only carriages are liberating?

Still, it makes perfect sense, and men should look at the good side of things.  Women-only carriages do help men, too, to lessen the nuisance of being pushed, grabbed or shoved by predatory women.

Still, separate carriages for men and women don’t help much against the aggravations of the daily commute.  If you had a choice, which train ride would you prefer?  Tokyo does not have a monopoly on crowded train stations during rush-hour.

Why, in the age of equal rights and for the sake of eliminating discrimination do women need special privileges?  How will the creation of a gender rift on trains and subways help to promote equal rights?

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