U.K.: Rage of the girl rioters

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Mail Online

Rage of the girl rioters: Britain’s students take to the streets again – and this time women are leading the charge

By Rebecca Camber, Nick Fagge, Katherine Faulkner, Nick Mcdermott and Laura Caroe
Last updated at 12:44 PM on 25th November 2010

* 25,000 go on mass nationwide rampage over tuition fees
* Teenage pupils protest alongside university pupils
* Police face fresh questions about handling of riot

Rioting girls became the disturbing new face of violent protest yesterday.

They threatened to overturn a police riot squad van as they smashed windows, looted riot shields, uniforms and helmets and daubed the sides with graffiti.

Police fled the van as the young demonstrators against university tuition fees yelled obscenities only yards from Downing Street….(Full Story)

The riots by the girl rioters were in support of “free education for all”?  First of all, the money that is slotted to subsidize student tuition should now be re-allocated to pay for the damages done by the rioters.  If not, then the majority lets itself be blackmailed into having to pay for the idiocy of a few.

Riots are not cheap, and neither is an education.  However, I guess, the girl rioters feel it is alright to riot, as long as someone else pays for the damages.  That is true as well of the clamor over a free education.  It is okay to clamor for one as long as someone else pays for that, too.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.  Someone always pays.  Rightfully, that should be the ones consuming the lunch.  No work, no pay.  No pay, no lunch.

It would be great if all problems in this world could be so easily solved.  Let’s face it.  If we don’t solve the problem of girl rioters who cause a lot of damages to blackmail society into giving them a “free” education, then where will things like that lead?

#TheNewWorldOrder #WomensViolence

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