Conditional sentence for killing husband

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A conditional sentence for killing husband? Why not?  She could not help herself.  After all, she had only wanted to “purify” the tip of her husband’s penis.  It is not really her fault that things went so terribly wrong.  He should not have turned his back on her.

Mind you, it is quite difficult to ignore the fact that she had a can with gasoline as well as a lit candle at hand for teaching her husband the lesson he deserved in their bedroom…

Still, that has all been done and looked after as it should be.  So, let the poor woman go!  Has she not suffered enough already?

A few points:

  • After deliberating for nine hours over two days, a Supreme Court jury today found Rajini Narayan not guilty, by majority verdict, of murder.
    They instead ruled her crime – throwing petrol and a lit candle onto the back of her husband, Satish – was manslaughter.

Hmm, she purified his penis, and she just happened to have the gasoline on hand in their bedroom to make a good job of the purification.  Doesn’t every devoted wife have a can of gasoline handy in her bedroom?

  • A woman charged with murdering her husband told a neighbour she only wanted to burn and disfigure his penis so other women wouldn’t want to look at it, a court has heard.

Well, there was no ill will involved, you see? She was, after all, a devoted wife to the husband she burned to death.  That sort of devotion anyone would want to do without. Still, she got her wish, she lit his penis. So, there was a bit of collateral damage. That does not matter much, besides, her husband is no longer around to offer his opinion on her devotion.


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