New stigma for children of divorce: greater risk of divorce

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New stigma for children of divorce: greater risk of divorce.  That is a shocker? “Divorce also appears to be transmitted inter-generationally. Studies now show that when they grow up the children of divorce are themselves at significantly greater risk of divorce compared to those who grew up with married parents.”

Huffington Post
16 November 2010

The New Stigma – Children of Divorce Are No Longer Stigmatized, Until They Start Dating
By Elizabeth Marquardt

A young man says, “When I go out with a woman I can always tell on the
first date if she’s from a divorced family. The women from divorced
families are over-anxious, eager to please. They’re exhausting.”

A young woman says, “My parents have been married thirty-five years and I want a long marriage like they’ve had. I love my boyfriend, but he’s from a divorced family and, I don’t know, it just seems like he had to be a lot
more independent growing up than I ever was. Frankly, it worries me.”….(Full Story)


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